Top 10 Fitness Products and Trends of 2011

– Different fitness products to help you stay fit and healthy Did you think that all fitness products are same? Take a look at the ones setting the trend for this year: 1. Travel Hoop by Hoopnoitca This is not like any other hula hoop you have seen until now. With the help of the […]

9 Iphone Apps that Will Boost Your Daily Exercise Routine

Get ripped with low-cost iPhone apps for your daily exercise routine!

Practice Om And Namaste In Style With These Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing And Gear

Bring an earth-balance to your life with these stylish yet greener yoga gear.

Fitness Equipment To Generate Electricity While Exercising

Get eco-friendly while you exercise with these people-powered workout facilities and equipment ideas.

9 Free Things For Your Daily Workout Routine

Have a daily workout routine with these 9 free things available at your home.

12 Fitness Workouts Of The Hollywood Stars

Learn to stay fit with these 12 celebrity fitness programs.


  • On your marks with the Top 5 World Marathons

    On your marks with the Top 5 World Marathons

    Everyone talks about getting a healthier lifestyle each year but very few manage to get around to it with work and family life but if you are determined them a great choice to make is making a commitment to take ...
  • Exercising Daily But Not Losing Weight

    Exercising Daily But Not Losing Weight

    Growing up, all of us as children are ultimately fond of running, climbing trees, jumping and hopping all day long, staying put just for as long as we could grab a bite and this only in order to have enough ...
  • Crushing The Myth Of Ineffective Fitness

    Crushing The Myth Of Ineffective Fitness

    Many of us promise at a certain point in life to get back into shape and start a new and efficient fitness routine. Many of us promise to do this at least once a month if not once a week. ...
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    Are you among those people who made their fitness goals for the New Year and haven’t been able to keep up with them? Well you surely are not the only one as most people set their New Year resolutions to be fitness related but hardly go by them or complete them as planned. It is […]

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    Examination Pressure? Follow These Simple Yet Effective Meditation Tips

    A stack of notes, swollen eyes, stuff spread here and there, and a lot of stress! Well everyone has to go through this phase in life called –exams! Many students get stressed and tensed just by the thought of examinations or tests. Exam fear is a result of stress which arises from efforts of scoring […]

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    A Step by Step Guide to Surya Namaskar and its Many Health Benefits

    Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a series of 12 Yoga postures, combined into one to warm up the entire body and tone the muscles. Yoga experts believe that Surya Namaskar is the best complete body exercise which provides flexibility, balance, focus and concentration.  Given below is a step by step guide to perform Surya […]

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    Top 3 Ways to Improve Will Power With Meditation

    Meditation is known to have multiple benefits not only for the mind but also for your health. Meditation is a process of quieting of one’s mind and concentrating all thoughts to a single point or focus. Meditation is a powerful way of controlling your thoughts and this teaches self-control. Beginners often find meditation tough as […]

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