Flip Flops- Comfortable, Yet Dangerous for the Foot!

As the summers dawn in, it’s hard to resist the desire to flaunt your cool flip flops. Flip flops now a days are the summer time craze of most of the teenagers and even the middle aged people. These footwear with V shaped strap, build of rubber thong are seen everywhere in eye-catching colors. Designed […]

Top 10 Fitness Products and Trends of 2011

– Different fitness products to help you stay fit and healthy Did you think that all fitness products are same? Take a look at the ones setting the trend for this year: 1. Travel Hoop by Hoopnoitca This is not like any other hula hoop you have seen until now. With the help of the […]

9 Iphone Apps that Will Boost Your Daily Exercise Routine

Get ripped with low-cost iPhone apps for your daily exercise routine!

Practice Om And Namaste In Style With These Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing And Gear

Bring an earth-balance to your life with these stylish yet greener yoga gear.

Fitness Equipment To Generate Electricity While Exercising

Get eco-friendly while you exercise with these people-powered workout facilities and equipment ideas.

9 Free Things For Your Daily Workout Routine

Have a daily workout routine with these 9 free things available at your home.


  • ways to burn calories through exercises

    Know How Calorie Intake and Exercise is Related

    There is a strong relationship between the number of calories one intakes and the exercises he does to eliminate the calories.  If you happen to consume more calories than you desire, you can always burn those calories by exercising or ...
  • On your marks with the Top 5 World Marathons

    On your marks with the Top 5 World Marathons

    Everyone talks about getting a healthier lifestyle each year but very few manage to get around to it with work and family life but if you are determined them a great choice to make is making a commitment to take ...
  • Exercising Daily But Not Losing Weight

    Exercising Daily But Not Losing Weight

    Growing up, all of us as children are ultimately fond of running, climbing trees, jumping and hopping all day long, staying put just for as long as we could grab a bite and this only in order to have enough ...
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  • 7 Yoga Moves to get Over Hangover

    7 Yoga Moves to get Over Hangover

    It might sound surprising but, Yoga can be a great cure for hangover. Excessive drink the night before can lead to severe discomfort. You might wake up the next day with a bad headache, perched throat and a general feeling of sluggishness, and yet have some important work to do. In such situations, yoga can […]

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    Restorative Yoga- A Unique Yoga Style

    With westernization, there has been an influx of many yoga styles, all of being different from one another in expressing their poses, meditative patterns and philosophies. Restorative yoga is nothing but a practice that drives a person towards relaxation, healing processes and recuperative experiences. This form of yoga has many dynamic poses and styles, the […]

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    Ways to Perform your Quad Exercises

    For the people who are searching for the means to reduce their knee pain and injuries, quad stretch is the best solution. Knee pain generally takes place due to tightening of the muscles, which in turn can be relieved to a great extent through the quad workouts. The quadriceps controls the straightening of the knee […]

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    Adventure Therapy- A Growing Field in Wilderness Environment

    Emerging since 1960’s, adventure therapy is a different and a separate form of psychotherapy and this therapy teaches an individual the ways to blend technical skills with clinical skills and hence bring about a positive change. Also referred as wilderness therapy or outdoor behavioral healthcare, adventure therapy is very closely linked to nature and therapeutic […]

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