Exercise And The Mind-Body Connection

1. With regular exercise you can overcome or prevent depression altogether. Sadly many people suffer from depression, whether for brief or extended periods of time.

It is a proven fact that getting your moving with some exercise not only takes your mind of your problems, it causes endorphins to be released that give you that natural high and feelings of happiness.

2. Exercise provides your body with more energy! Some people believe that exercising will tire them out.

On the contrary, as you train your body at the gym, you’ll notice that you’ll have more energy throughout the day without stimulants like caffeine to give you that buzz to stay awake!regular exercise

3. Getting some exercise will actually help you reduce stress! Most North Americans are overstressed, overworked and under-active! Why not combat this with some exercise to not only help you stay in shape while many hours are being spent in front of a computer in the office, but reduce the daily stress that you feel.

4. One of the reasons why so many people work out at a gym is because they recognize the connection between burning calories, building muscle and losing weight.

Some people are content to not spend any time exercising but are generally the first people to feel poor self-image or feel overweight or just generally bad thoughts about their appearance.

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