Better School Food For A Fitter Populace

We have known for a while now that the seeds of how fit you will be later in life, are sown during childhood. Obesity is impacted by eating habits, and levels of activity learnt early in life. So when there is the call to combat childhood obesity with better food in school, it is something that makes a lot of sense.

The General Assembly task force on childhood obesity in North Carolina has recommended the kind of food that should be provided to school children; a move that has been welcomed.

obese childThe perception that school food contributes greatly to childhood obesity is an accurate one; since the options of double cheeseburgers and pizza at school is hardly going to promote healthy eating among children.

It is important that healthy eating options should be provided to students while at school.

This is particularly of concern since many kids eat as many as two major meals of the day at school; both breakfast and lunch. In the event, foods high in sodium, saturated fats, and low in nutrients are hardly going to be conducive to forming long term habits that promote good health.

Perhaps it is also time to concentrate on PE or physical education at school; to make sure that each child not only eats right but also gets habituated to a less sedentary and more active lifestyle.

Source: Citizen Times