Food That Helps You Build Muscles Big Time

The common belief of many men who are trying to get those sexy six-pack abs and stronger looking physique is to eat larger servings of high-protein foods (and a number of different supplements to boost).

It is true that as you workout in the gym more and more, you would need protein rich foods which have been considered as muscle building foods to get the body you want.

But you do not have to stuff your face with so much food and supplements to complement your workout training regimen.

In fact, consuming large food servings during different times of the day may even slow down your progress because the more food you consume, the more you would need to exert effort to burn these all out.

Aside from that, many muscle building food supplements have been known to contain some steroids which could cause health problems in the future.

There are a number of muscle building foods that you can easily get from the local grocery or eat in restaurants which would are extremely delicious, satisfying, give you the needed amount of protein your body needs to bulk up yet low in fat. Here are just some examples of these delicious muscle building foods.


This is perhaps the most popular muscle building food patronized by those who are looking to increase their body muscle size.

While many body builders would often go for the leaner cuts to minimize the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body, the saturated fat that is found in some cuts of beef has been actually proven in various studies to help bodybuilders bulk up faster.

This is because the saturated fat found in beef ensures that your body releases just the right amount of insulin and testosterone levels in order to promote muscle growth.

Aside from containing essential nutrients such as creatine, Vitamin B and Zinc, beef also contains what is considered as good cholesterol. This cholesterol found in beef helps your body produce testosterone hormones, essential in building up your muscles even more.


Salmon is not just a great food for those watching their weight. With about 34 grams of proteins in a serving size of about six ounces, salmon is now considered a great muscle building food.

Salmon also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which has been proven to lower down muscle inflammation which happens whenever you workout. This helps your muscles rejuvenate faster, allowing you to workout more often.

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been known to help regulate the amount of body fat absorbed in your muscles. Instead it encourages glucose to be absorbed which is needed by your muscles each time you work out.

Whole Milk

That’s right! Not skim milk or low fat milk! Each ounce of whole milk contains 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fat which helps keep your muscles from breaking down from working out too long or too often in the gym.

Although it may seem that there is quite a bit of fat here in whole milk (which is why dieters shy away from this), the fat found in this muscle building food are able to help anabolic body processes such as muscle buildup.

White Bread

Oftentimes, bodybuilders are encouraged to do away with refined carbohydrates such as white bread. This is because not only does it contain less fiber than whole wheat bread, white bread and other refined carbohydrate products have been known to increase insulin levels in the body.

While this may be the case, refined carbohydrate foods are also easily digested by the body. After a long productive day in the gym, your body would need these fast-digesting foods to replenish your muscles glycogen levels and increase insulin levels in your body in order to build muscles and to regulate cortisol levels in the body which tends to spike up after workout.

As such, white bread is an essential muscle building food after your workout program.