Four Steps to Blast Fat and Build Muscles with a Rowing Machine!

It is the time for you to row and grow. In order to blast fat and build muscles, practice this all-in-one workout on the rowing machine.

Step 1: Sit with your legs bent, shins nearly vertical. Bend your upper body towards your knees by keeping shoulders and back straight. Place your arms in front by holding the handle with an overhand grip.

Step 2: Don’t move your arms or lean backwards, leave with your legs, driving your feet into the stirrups while maintaining your back straight.

rowing machine

Step 3: Drag the bar near your chest, when the handle is over your knees. Lean your upper body back until your shoulders are behind your pelvis. Draw your elbows behind you and continue to push with your legs.

Step 4: As the bar touches your lower chest, compress your shoulder blades simultaneously. Rest your arms; allow the cable gently pull your arms back towards the flywheel and lean forward at the hips. Once the handle passes your extended knees, bend them to slide forward on the seat.

More than 50% of fat will burn when you work on rowing machine than on any other machine. But, most of you will do common mistakes like leaning too far back and hunching your shoulders. These mistakes diminish the pulling power and strain your back.