Scarlett Johansson and the Super Hero Workout

Scarlett Johansson became even more famous for her role in the movie The Avengers.

No matter how well she did in it, we have to admit that she wasn’t really born for this role. This is why she had to prepare for it.

She started the training five months before the filming began with her personal trainer.


Her trainer said that the workout sessions were similar to the ones they used to prepare for the role in Iron Man 2.

The main point is to have 90 minutes of circuit workouts. She had this workout several times per week. It was important to get her body ready for the movements she had to do on the screens.

In order for the actress not to get bored of the same workout, her trainer added dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands and TRX.

Scarlett Johansson and the Super Hero Workout

The entire workout was built around sets of twenty having 25-30 reps. The actress was also running in the gym and outdoors. She usually finished her workouts with weights.


Combative training

One of the first screens of the movie shows Scarlett fighting with several members of the Russian mob. This is something that her stunt double helped her with.

In order to get ready for the fighting screens she used some elements of mixed martial arts, hand-to-hand combat and she also had some weapons training.

The actress said about her role that she got pretty beat up and it turned out to be pretty painful.

Vegan diet

Besides all the physical exercise that she needed, it was also almost mandatory for her to have a healthy diet. We can say about this that it was almost vegan. It was important for her to have several small meals during the day. Just as in case of her previous movie, she had a lot of oatmeal, vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins and salads.

As a result of all this preparation Scarlett ended up with loving all the lifestyle changes that she had to do during the filming. Because of her experience, she incorporated some of them into her everyday life.

Naturally you can imagine that now she has a trimmed down version of it. Nonetheless it is nice to see how a role changes the life of a person in a positive way, making it healthier. Since then she said to exercise more and to have healthier eating habits than she did before.