10 Fit Living Tips – Jennifer Aniston Style

We all have to admit that Jennifer Aniston who,by the way is turning 45, looks great. Actually, you might say she looks better than ever. Since more and more women are asking how does she do it the actress offered some insight on her strategy to live a healthy happy and fit life. The strategy is both simple and complex: workout, eat well, indulge in whatever you want and have fun all the time.

10 Fit Living Tips – Jennifer Aniston Style

Here are some tips on how to get in shape and stay in it, like Jennifer always had .

Fresh Workouts

Jennifer said she always keeps her workout program as fresh as possible to keep her body awake. And there is more wisdom in these words than you might think since the same exercise routine will be memorized by the body and you will end up by boring your muscles, which means they will burn less and less fat. Also, your mind will tend to fly towards daily problems rather than focusing on the exercise.

Balance Moderation and Indulgence

Eat well and eat healthy, but also allow yourself to indulge into life’s little pleasures; just remember don’t make junk food and ice-cream a habit.

Achieve a Zen State of Mind

Take up Yoga! Meditation will help you clear up your mind and balance your lifestyle.

Make Exercise an Addiction

Working out can be addictive. Exercise helps your body release endorphins, responsible for maintaining a good mood and fighting depressive states.

Skip a Session if you Feel Like it

Some days your body will not be in workout mood so it is normal and perfectly ok to skip a session, as long as this doesn’t turn into a daily habit.

And get Over the “No Exercise” Mood

Keep in mind that there are  times when  you are just lazy. So if the thought of 10 little minutes of running or working out with your weights is acceptable, go for it. In the end you will do a full hour of exercise.

Integrate Your Exercises into Daily Chores

Most likely Jennifer Aniston will not use the stepper while doing the dishes, but you can. Washing your teeth or talking to the phone are other blank time spaces you can fill with exercises.

Stick to What You Like

If abs are not your favorites, switch to other exercises which work the same muscle groups. There is no need to torment yourself – a big smile on your face during a workout can do  wonders.

Accept and love Your Age

While you’re at it, love your body too. This are the first two steps to look good at any age.

Look After the Whole “Package”

Your body is a whole, so treat it as a whole. Enroll in talk therapy to relieve stress, go to massage, eat a healthy diet, moisturize your skin. Keep in mind that you can always take better care of yourself.