Get Slim And Fit Following Top Celebrity Fitness DVD’s

When fitness is the key to success, becoming fat is really not an option. But why spent a fortune on a gym session when all you can do is buy one or two fitness DVDs and practice in the comfort of your home. Try the all new celebrity DVDs that are absolutely hot this season and would guarantee to help burn down your calories.

The top notch DVDs promise you an exhilarating high intensity training campaigns that are short and sharp interval sessions lasting about 10 minutes each.

Here is a list of celebrity fitness DVDs that would surely make you fit and turn you into an eye candy within 4 weeks. So what are you waiting for, grab a DVD for yourself.

Davina: Fit in 15


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Selling about two million copies in the past 9 years, the fitness DVD of celebrity trainer Davina McCall is easily the most favorite DVD of all fitness experts. With a thorough representation of the workout regimes and co- presented by fitness trainer Jackie and Mark Wren, the DVD promises to help you reach the fitness zone if you perform the workout for only 15 minutes every day!

The DVD comprises of four 15 minutes exercises that targets your everything from straightening your legs, arms and abdominal region. A bonus exercise called the ‘Cardio 15’ is also added to the list that does an entire shift from 30 seconds bursts of jogging, jumping, squats, kicking and super fast fat burning process.

Vickie Pattison’s 7 day Slim

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One of the most celebrated fitness marvel, Geordie Shore’s Vickie Pattison has made a miraculous comeback from a size 16 to a size six. This DVD unravels the secrets to her working regime. It consists of six exercises of 10 minutes each that gets progressively harder as you enter into the zone.

Presented by Vicky as well as fitness trainer Robbie Thompson, the exercises are designed in such a way that gets your body grooving for the first week. The idea is designed so that any first timer starts off with one exercise in the first week daily, progresses with two in the next week and so on, till he or she has completed all the exercises.

Josie Gibson’s 21 day Fat burn

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Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson, has yet another hit to her name. Her best selling fitness DVDs hides her secrets to the loss of six stones she is known for. The DVD contains four workouts of 20 minutes each. It is divided in such a way that the first three are based on speed, strength and stamina through a repeated period of interval.

The last of course deals with a fitness test which requires you to count the number of times you can perform a given experiment in 60 seconds. You are required to do one or more workout three to four times in a week for a continuous period of 21 days. It will definitely lead to weight loss and a fit body.