Best Part about Using Power Racks

Just as the center piece on the cocktail table in your living room describes the character of the room, so does the power rack in a gymnasium. Without a power rack, you can conclude that the gym is not ready for training people who demand high power. This rectangular cube made of steel is the gateway to a variety of barbell and machine free exercises. This equipment is not a solid cube, but a structure made of steel rods. All these rods have pins in them so that you can anchor them properly while exercising. Many people would argue about the necessity of this equipment as opposed to the machines that are available. But it is a well known fact that machine free exercises are more effective. power racks

Benefits of Power Rack

Now that you know what a power rack is, it is important to learn about its benefits.

You can Perform a Varied Range of Exercises

Since you are not dependant on any machine for exercises, you can do a lot of workouts, that too in different forms. Go for bench press, inverted row, upright row, barbell curl, rack lockout, hanging knee/leg raise, dips, lat pull down, straight arm pull down, biceps cable curl, cable crunches and many more such exercises. By using the barbell you can do a lot of exercises that can help you to tone your entire body.

You can Target a Particular Area

This equipment gives you the liberty to target a particular part of the body that you want to tone. Say for example you want to tone your hips. The power rack is a great apparatus to help you tone your hips by doing some exercises.

Little Goes a Long Way

You do not need to spend hours in the gym to get into shape or lose weight. Since these exercises are not machine driven, the effect on your body is more. You can also add your own twist to the workout regime so that your body is always surprised by the pressure added on the muscles. This way the burnout is better.

No need of a Supervisor

This cage like thing is firm on its base and its pins are safely in their positions once you have set them that way. Thus you do not need a trainer by your side at all times to give you a touch.

You get Mental Peace

Knowing that you are safe with the apparatus, gives you confidence and mental peace helping you exercise better.

Must Remember

You know all about the power rack and how it can benefit your mind and body. But there is something that most trainees forget to do… and that is warm up. Just because you have learnt and even some basic exercises on the power rack will go a long way in improving your health and you do not have to train for hours, does not mean that you will not warm up. Make sure that your body is agile and you are ready to stretch before doing the heavy exercises. Photo Credit By: