Top 7 Hula Hoop Exercises that you can Try

Did you know that celebrities like Beyoncé use Hula Hoop to work outevery day? A Hula Hoop may seem like more of an amusement and a challenge than a proper workout method but actually offers a gamut of physical benefits. Besides rolling it around your waist, hoping it to complete a few circles, a Hula Hoop can also be used for a variety of other exercises.

Infact the fitness related to Hula Hoop is known as Hoopnotica and is a lesson in advance Hula Hoop exercising. If you too wish to perform fitness workout using it, you can go through the top 7 hula hoop exercises:

hula hoop exercises that you can try1. Back Stretch Warm Up

If you wish to warm up using a hula hoop then you can do it by back stretching.  When you back stretch using the hoop, you not only strengthen your back muscles but also improve upon the flexibility of your spine. This is a superb way to start off with your workout session and is easy to do as well.

2. Side Stretch Warm Up

Another way to warm up using a hula hoop is to do side stretches with it.  By doing so, you can gently open up the sides of your body and it is a good way to prepare for the next workout exercises. This is another way to kick off your physical fitness routine.

3. Waist Hooping: Forward Stance

Waist hooping is a method through which you rotate the hoop around your waist by moving your waist in circular motions. This may take time to practice and master but can help you burn about 400-600 calories per hour. It improves your posture, gives shape to your waist and also lets you lose weight.

4. Waist Hooping: Side Stance

Rather than using a forward stance, use a side stance to try out another physical exercise using the hula hoop. This exercise, if done regularly will help to tone your tummy and your waist.

5. Waist Hooping with Plies

When you combine waist hooping with plies, you can achieve many more physical benefits and advantages. Plies help to improve and increase your heart rate and also help you to tone your inner thighs.  But you must be very good at hula hooping to combine it with plies.

6. Ninja Passes

When you pass around the hula hoop from one hand or side to another, you not only move your arms but also your waist, your tummy, your thighs and your feet. This gives you a pretty complete workout and help to benefit several body parts at once. It also helps to burn calories and can be great for your arms as well.

7. Halo

Another superb physical workout that can be done with a hula hoop is halo. Your arms, your shoulders as well as your back can benefit from rotating the hoop in your hand over your head. You need to be rotating yourself while doing it and this may make you a little dizzy after a while.