Top 8 Equipment for Perfect Abs Workout

Machines cannot guarantee you a flat stomach, which can be only achieved through a proper exercise regimen and a balanced diet plan. However, they could definitely add resistance to your workout and increase traction to help you get in shape.

Of course, the fun element in working with equipment also cannot be ruled out. So, here are a few equipment that can make your abs workout work better for you and offer you some novelty from the dread of monotonous repetitions.

1. Stability Ball

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A stability ball may look like a silly huge ball lying on the side of the gym but it has many benefits to offer by way of offering you a number of different exercise patterns to work out your abs. You may want to do your regular crunches on the ball or may go for some other exercises that challenge the side of your torso. All you need to do is remember to keep the ball stable and in control under you.

2. Adjustable Sit up Machines

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Every gym boasts of an ab bench that helps you exercise your ab muscles. The latest versions of these ab benches are adjustable so that you can adjust the angle of the bench to increase or decrease the resistance against which you will be working out. These ab benches are great for all kinds of ab exercises like crunch, leg raises and twists. These simple machines can help you work out your entire torso.

3. Ab Slide

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This is probably the best ab machine that can help you tone up your upper and lower stomach muscles. It consists of a wheel that rotates with a handle on each side of the wheel to hold and slide it on the surface you are working out. As you slide out the wheel while kneeling on your knees, the entire stomach muscles are stretched and contracted to give a super work out.

4. Bar

The parallel bar helps to get a flat tummy by letting you exercise your core and oblique. Leg and knee curls are excellent exercises for bar.

5. Chin up Bar

These could be a bar in the gym or something you have bought for your home. Makes excellent areas to work out your abs.

6. Bosu Balance Trainer

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The bosu balance trainer helps you to work out your full body for balance and agility. It is especially beneficial for ab exercises and can be set up at home too.

7. Reverse Curl Plank

This is an excellent machine to work out the entire abdominal area. It consists of a plank which has an adjustable angle to offer you various resistances. The backward curl of the torso gives a stretch to the torso and the abs that works out both upper and lower abs. the plank can be used to work out the obliques too,

8. Medicinal Balls

Other machines for ab workout include medicinal balls that are the latest addition to the array of machines available for working out abs.