Fitness Mantras that Celebrities Swear By

To be in the glamorous world, the celebrities need to be look picture perfect at all time. Hence they have to involve themselves into a strict fitness routine to stay glamorous. Starving is not the way out to maintain their figure whereas very person has to go through a proper diet as well their fitness mantras which will suit their body.

Depending on the climate, surrounding and their needs, bollywood and Hollywood celebs have their own fitness schedule to maintain. Here you can have a glimpse of their maintained fitness schedule to be glamorous in their world.

fitness mantras that celebrities swear byBollywood Celebs Fitness Mantras

In the era of ab crunchers and treadmills, now-a-days bollywood celebs like Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Shilpa Shetty are inclined to the power yoga to shed their extra pounds.

  • According to the yoga teachers of new age who are involved in the training process of bollywood stars say that this process of yoga combined with various strenuous traditional Indian techniques are beneficial as well as rewarding for the health of bollywood celebrities.
  • Power Yoga can be defined as a dynamic form of art which has the benefits of spiritual as well as meditational. One of the renowned trainers, Leena Mogre who has opportunity to train bollywood actresses like Katrina Kaif, Kangana Ranaut and Sameera Reddy says that every bollywood celebrities have come to realize the benefits of yoga which can be combined with other forms of exercises.
  • On the contrary yesteryear beauties like Hema Malini, Rekha have been following the traditional forms of yoga to maintain their charisma and keep away health problems. Hema Malini assumed that apart from dancing, she was associated with yoga to be healthy.

Hollywood Celebs Fitness Mantras

  • To b healthy Hollywood celebs have adopted the vegan lifestyle with a bang. Many celebrities have managed to clear out meat and animal proteins from their regular diet to look gorgeous as well as glamorous.
  • Alicia Silverstone has credited the vegan lifestyle for her 10 on 10 figure. She has defined it as “kind diet”. She has published a book on this note in which she advocated sugar, meat and dairy foods as nasty products whereas promoted organic natural diet and the complete vegan philosophy.
  • Pamela Anderson, legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams, Sandra Oh as well as Mike Tyson also followed the vegan lifestyle to be healthy as well as to protect animals on the earth which involved them in a social wellfareness programme.
  • Yoga is also famous amongst hollywood celebrities as their fitness mantras. Mariah Carey, Pink, Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman have special inclination towards Ariel Yoga. This pattern of yoga includes usage of suspended hammock to maintain your body and also assist celebrities to achieve traditional yoga postures.
  • Incorporating hammock in this process of yoga, it assists celebrities to fasten the speed to move towards more difficult postures. It improves blood circulation and helps your spine to open up.

Hence from the aforesaid discussion it can be concluded that both bollywood and Hollywood celebrities incorporate yoga as their fitness mantras.