Are You Making These 3 Common Fitness Mistakes?

On our quest to attain good health and a fit body, we strive and work hard and do all that the fitness experts and the health gurus tell us to. We follow religiously the edicts that the experts pass and expect that results will follow.

However, sometimes we make certain mistakes, or are guilty of certain over sights that, unbeknownst to us, may actually be doing more harm than good. Check and see if you are making these common fitness mistakes:

All that is green is good for me: Sure the salads and the greens are excellent for your body; they are low in fats and sodium, high in fiber and nutrients.

But do you know exactly how the salad was made and precisely what its ingredients are? Dressing can be a big villain lurking in your salad.

Oil or mayonnaise could well be the basis of the salad, thereby negating all its low fat properties.

Also if your salad has additions such as bacon bits, or croutons then this instantly ups the calorie content. So don’t just assume that it is healthy because it is a salad; check the ingredients to see if it really is.

The volume of that headset: For many fitness freaks it is the music that is the motivator. Probably as much attention is paid to the playlist as to the exercise sets that comprise one’s fitness routine.

Good so far because music can help you push your own limits and even exceed your expectations; it can help you ignore pain and discomfort as well.

However, very loud music can cause hearing loss. The volume of music on your headset is usually between 60 and 120 decibels. If your ears are exposed to volumes of 85 decibels and above for long periods of time, it could mean trouble for your ears and hearing in the long run.

Ignoring your body: Yes, it is a good thing to push yourself and strive hard for your fitness goals. It is not however good to ignore what your body is telling you.

Sometimes, the aches and pains may not be just tired muscles; they could be trying to tell you about an injury that may get exacerbated.

Also if indigestion is a frequent problem or if colds are a recurring problem then it may be time to step back and really look at your body. It could be a sign of a deeper, underlying problem.