The Belly Dancing Fitness Craze

Belly dancing has a calming effect and reduces stress mainly because the music is so rhythmic and soothing.

Spiritually, homage is paid to the goddess in every woman so it is no wonder that it frees the mind and uplifts the soul.

It is currently very popular as it is good for the body as well as the psyche and belly dancing certainly beats pounding the pavement or working out in the gym.

With regular sessions calories can be burnt and all kinds of muscles firmed up including the thighs and hips, abdominal and even arms. This very authentic form of dance is a perfect cardio workout and has isometric advantages too.belly dancing

This latest dance craze is so beneficial to women because the movements help soothe the internal organs, helping with digestion and often relieving menstruation problems.

It is also known as a birth and reproductive dance and can be used to assist pregnant women during labor and afterwards in terms of recovering.

Many professionals practicing non-medicinal therapies are incorporating belly dancing into their programs due to its many advantages.

For all of its muscle strengthening and cardio exercises it will never take away the feminine curves of a woman’s body. Another reason for its use is that it can provide balance which is especially important for older women.

The followers of this fitness movement find themselves with a much more positive attitude to life. Many say that it has changed their lives because they are now confident and content.

Although it is a very feminine dance it is also studied by both sexes in the culture of Arabia where men belly dance too.