7 Yoga Moves to get Over Hangover

It might sound surprising but, Yoga can be a great cure for hangover. Excessive drink the night before can lead to severe discomfort. You might wake up the next day with a bad headache, perched throat and a general feeling of sluggishness, and yet have some important work to do. In such situations, yoga can be a great reliever of the problems, and can be very helpful for your health. Here are some of the Yoga positions to try when you are hung over.Screen-Shot-2014-02-03-at-5.18.12-PM-618x274

7 Yoga positions for curing a hangover

The 7 yoga positions, that you may try to get rid of your hang over are listed below.

  1. Standing Forward Bend- It is believed that forward folds are good for reducing headaches and keeping the blood pressure under control. It also calms the body down. On top of that standing forward bend is one of the easiest bends to do, so most people can do this posture. When you practice this, it lets the blood go to your limbs, heads etc.
  2. Bharadvaja’s Twist- This is one of the easy twist to do. It is also known as the sitting twist. It helps the digestive system to function better, and stimulates the internal organs like the liver. Less flexible people can do it too. If you are a beginner in the practice of Yoga, you can try this position.
  3. Marichayasana C- This asana or Yoga posture is a bit more difficult than the Bharadwaja’s Twist. For this you will need a better flexibility. It opens up the blood vessels in your body and circulates the blood to exactly where it is needed. Thus it is quite a help when you are dealing with hangover.
  4. Bound Angle – Bound angle is a specific sitting posture where your feet comes in front of you and touch each other while the knees remain open. The benefit of this asana is that it leads the blood to directly flow towards your abdomen and the internal organs. It also opens up the hips, and helps to remove a lot of stiffness from that area.
  5. Boat Position- The benefits of the Boat Position is similar to the poses named as Standing Forward Bend and Bound Angle, but the effect is a bit stronger than the two Yogic positions, and it helps strengthening the abdomen area. It is advisable that you do not start with this Yoga and do it only when you have somewhat recovered.
  6. Savasana- This is a pose where peace and calm is restored to your body. It is better that after you have finished with your Yoga practice you take up this asana, so that the body can absorb all the positives that it has acquired during the exercise.
  7. Alternate Nostril Breathing- Oxygen is important while fighting with a hangover. Thus you can take up this breathing exercise in order to supply your body with fresh oxygen.

If you follow this Yoga postures, you can easily get relief from even the worst kind of hangover.