Bikram Yoga and the Celebrities Practicing It

Although a lot of celebrities rely on needles and diets to keep their youthful look, there are some others who prefer the natural approach, such as Bikram Yoga. In case you would like to look as good as they do, you should also give this activity a thought.

Ashton Kutcher

1. Ashton Kutcher

He stated that he is doing his best to be fit in order to survive the next Armageddon. This is why he is climbing rocks, practices Krav Maga and besides all these, he also practices Bikram Yoga. He says that to be able to practice it, you should pretend that you are in the desert and you have no water.

2. Demi Moore

Ashton’s soon-to-be-ex-wife has also been practicing Bikram Yoga for some time now. According to her the heart helps her body to detoxify. She also added that while practicing the yoga people sweat so badly that they don’t really care about their looks anymore.

3. Jennifer Aniston

She started practicing Bikram Yoga after she got divorced from Brad Pitt. The actress is really happy about the results that she achieved regarding her legs, arms and she also said that it is possible that she got taller due to the fact that her spine became aligned. In order to warm her muscles, she does 20 minutes of cardio before starting yoga.

4. Madonna

Although she is already in her 50s, she still has a rock hard body, and this is partly due to practicing Bikram Yoga. She wanted to have private classes, but the instructor wouldn’t accept that saying that if people want to attend the class, they have to leave their ego behind and attend regular classes.

5. George Clooney

He is said to practice Bikram Yoga whenever he can, even when he is travelling to another country. People say that he is a model student. It is surprising to see someone this disciplined among the crazy Hollywood stars.

6. Beyonce

She was also one of the people who wanted to practice Bikram Yoga away from the eyes of the world, and in order to achieve this she filled a class with her family and friends. We all know that now she is pregnant, and people got wondering whether she will go on practicing Bikram Yoga for the pregnant women. Yoga is said to be a kind of therapy, because it makes people face their emotions and feelings in the end.