Celebrity Singers’ Diet Tips

The recently concluded CMA awards night was a showcase of music talent as well as the fit culture prevalent among top country singers. Here is what celebrity singers do to keep fit and healthy despite their busy schedules.

1. Martina McBride

Martina McBride

This pretty mother of two believes that eating healthy foods is the key to a fit body. Even if you overeat, make sure it is healthy food. This will prevent you from putting on extra weight. But she is also quick to add that one must not refrain from the occasional treats. They act as motivation for eating healthy.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

This hot singer follows only one routine regularly and that is hiking. She believes in this form of endurance training to stay in shape and rest is all her good genes. She does occasional treadmills when in need of stamina but gymming is not one of her favorite fitness regimes.

3. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

The singer says that feeling comfortable is what is important. She does not believe in size zero figure. Her fitness mantra is to achieve a toned body and avoid flab.

4. Kellie Pickler

 Kellie Pickler

Kellie is a self confessed vegetarian and a raw foods fan at that. Salads, fresh fruits and nuts are what keep her in good shape and make her look younger than her age.

5. Faith Hill

Faith Hill

An ardent fan of Pilates, Faith believes that it is her religious practice of this fitness technique that helps her maintain a well toned body. Core strength training exercises are her fitness secrets.

6. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Maintaining a healthy diet regime is what Carrie does to keep fit. She says that though the routine is hard to stick to starting again after a break is twice as hard. So she prefers to not let go, but confesses that she does fall prey to indulgences at times.

7. Sara Evans

Sara Evans

For Sara, moderation is the name of the game. Starving or overeating are extremes that will lead us nowhere. She trusts her body to tell her when to stop and she listens to it. She does not yield to temptation and stops once she is full and does not go for a refill until hungry again.

8. Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina

For Lauren it is portion control that does the trick. She says that she had to train her body to eat only specific portions and menu for her daily diet. Her diet routine involves an omelet (made of egg-whites) for breakfast, veggies and shrimps for lunch and chicken for dinner.