Healthy Snack Ideas for Healthy Lifestyle

Contrary to what most of us were taught when we were growing up, snacking is actually a very healthy activity.  The only problem that can arise from snacking comes from snacking on the wrong foods.

If you are eating a family size bag of potato chips as snack when you get home from school or work, you are not really doing your body any favors.

Healthy Snack IdeasSnacking is healthy because it keeps your metabolism in check and allows your body to function more naturally.

Instead of having your body starve all day and then eat a few big meals, you should allow your body to process healthy foods as much as possible.

It is because of this reasoning that many nutritionists recommend five small meals a day instead of three larger ones.

If you find yourself feeling weary or drowsy during your workday, you should consider packing an extra snack for you to munch on while you work.

Just make sure that the snack you bring is something that your body actually needs and not something you just want to be able to taste in your mouth.

There are plenty of healthy snack ideas out there that you can find to help you out, and many of them are quite tasty.

You should not equate healthy food with bad tasting food because that is not always the case.  The best part about these snacks is that you won’t feel guilty about eating them.

Healthy Snack Ideas: The Salad is Your Friend

My favorite healthy snack ideas almost exclusively involve some kind of lettuce or salad variation.  I usually just toss a bunch of healthy foods into a bowl with romaine lettuce and enjoy all the different flavors at once.  One of my favorite little snacks to make is a grilled chicken salad.

What you put in your salad is completely up to you, but lettuce and chicken are two great starting points to begin with.  Once you have some lettuce and grilled chicken in the mix, you can add some healthy vegetables, fruits, and nuts to get some variety in your snack.

Avocado is wonderful in these kinds of salads, as are walnuts and apple slices.  What you add to your salad is really up to you, but you should make sure you are adding in healthy ingredients before you make any decisions.

Vegetables with Almond Butter

Most people have had celery sticks with peanut butter at some point in their life, and this is definitely one of the better healthy snack ideas you can come across.  Peanut butter with carrots or celery won’t necessarily be bad for your body, but almond butter is actually a better option if you want to become a little bit healthier.

Celery sticks with almond butter will give you an amazing combination of protein, energy, and monounsaturated fat that can keep you feeling great and help you power through a few more hours of your workday.

The reason almond butter is a better option than peanut butter is that it contains no added preservatives or chemicals.  Almond butter also contains better fats than the ones found in peanut butter.  In fact, peanuts are actually legumes and not nuts.