Abdominal exercise equipment to tone your body and shape your muscles

Women are more conscious about their abdominal fat than men.

You are slim and you have well toned body.But the only problem area in your body is abdomen.

As every one now-a-days are working in front of the computers for long hours, there is no stress on the stomach and abdomen muscles.

Therefore for some of them, the fat will be deposited at the abdomen.

Don’t worry about your abdomen fat as there are lots of abdominal exercise equipment available.

You can select the best exercise equipment which is suitable for you to workout. The abdominal exercise equipment tones your body and strengthens your abdominal muscles.abdominal exercise equipment

There are different types of abdominal exercise equipment. Some of them are given below:

Exercise ball:
Sit on the ball and place your feet about a foot apart on the floor. Roll back on the ball carefully until you lie on the ball with your back fully extended.

Tighten your abdominal muscles and raise your trunk off the ball to about thirty degree angle. Return to the extended position and repeat the process.

Roman chair:
Roman chair can be used to perform abdominal exercises. It consists of two stationary, parallel arms and a straight padded back. Place your arms on each armrest flat, with your back firmly against the padding.

Roman chair should be set high in such a way that your legs dangle straight down when you are in position. Slowly bring your knees towards chest as far as you can and hold for few seconds before extending them to the beginning position.

Bosu balance trainer:
Bosu balance trainer is an abdominal exercise equipment on which several strengthening routines can be performed. It includes your entire body to sweat it out for liveliness and balance as well as strength.

Tummy twister:
Tummy twister works upper abs, lower abs, hips, internal oblique, external oblique, lower back, inner thigh[Inner thigh exercises] and outer thigh. It is ideal for a beginner and advanced user with no difficult routines and can be done with side-to-side lateral movements.

Ab wheel:
Ab wheel allows the abdomen to be isolated, causing effective extension and contraction of the abs muscles. By using ab wheel, muscles in your arms, shoulders and back are toned.

Ab machine:
Ab machine works on lower back and abdominal muscles. Hyperextension movements and a variety of abdominal exercises can be performed on the ab machine. It reduces lower back pain and strengthens your abdominal muscles.

Abdominal exercise chair:
It is the most effective way to tone your abs. This exercise chair gives safe support to your head and neck as the elastic tension bands provides the right amount of resistance. It tones your abs in just five minutes a day workout.

Before performing on abdominal exercise equipment, consult a physical trainer to find out how to use the equipment to avoid any injuries.