Fitness Is Key To Limiting Healthcare Expenses

We usually attempt to get fit for a number of the usual reasons: to look good, to be healthy, to stave off illness, etc. But there is another aspect to fitness; and that is the financial aspect. Fitness today will help save money in the future; money that you would spend on health care.

fitnessWe are more in control of medical expenses than we may think: being healthy today means that you will spend less on your health in the future.

Healthier people obviously spend less on health care so investing effort in fitness and good health today will reap rich financial dividends in the future!

According to the National Business Group on Health, a nonprofit agency, the average total medical expenses in retirement are $250,000 per couple, but if you are fighting fit, it won’t cost you as much.

Insurance is another area where you pay less if you are in better shape, health and weight.

Those that have lower cholesterol and normal weight will pay less by way of insurance premiums.

Being fit does not mean you will never be ill, it just means that you will be ill a lot less, and that your recovery will likely be speedier and your immunity better.

Source: GoErie