Women’s Fitness for Healthy Living

Women’s fitness has become popular and most women are focusing on their fitness with changing times. Before following women’s fitness program, you should plan in such a way that you should not get exhausted or feel bored with your plan after sometime.

Now-a-days women are participating in all the activities such as weight lifting, running, body building, gymnastics, sports etc. To participate in any of the activities, proper women’s fitness is required.

Some guide lines for women’s fitness:

You decide in which activity you are going to participate. If you want to lose weight, your plan should be different with weight lifting program.women’s fitness

Before starting your exercise workout, you have to do warm up exercises.

Stretching exercises are excellent warm up exercises to start with. You can do stretching exercises for five to ten minutes.

Warming up makes you relax and prevent you from injuries when you are performing any exercise. Warm up circulates blood to all parts of the body. So start any exercise with warm up exercise.

Don’t choose only one exercise for workout. Instead choose two or three different workouts in a single session. Doing different workouts is called cross training. If you are doing different workouts in a single session, you may not feel bored and you will be more interested to workout. Choosing different exercises tones different parts of your body.

If your goal is weight lifting, then choose cardiovascular workouts for ten minutes before going for weight lifting program. If your aim is to be healthy and fit, then you can start with aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, jumping, cycling, running etc.

If you don’t find time to go to gym or going out to perform any exercise, you can purchase a treadmill or stationary bicycle. These are excellent equipment which can be used to lose weight and tone up your body.

You may not have time to spend thirty minutes at a stretch to workout on this equipment. There is no rule to exercise continuously for thirty minutes. It is proved that smaller sessions with intense workouts are equal with one long session workout.

Break thirty minutes session into three sessions of each ten minutes and workout. I think you can get ten minutes time to spend for the exercise. If you don’t want to purchase a treadmill or a stationary bicycle due to your budget problems, you can go for smaller equipment like a set of dumbbells, exercise ball, or resistance bands.

If you don’t want to opt for any equipment, you can do exercises without equipment also. You can do push ups, squats, leg raises etc.

Apart from these exercises, you can clean your house with vacuum cleaner. You can spend some time in gardening. You can play with your kids. You can perform stretching exercises in your kitchen while working.

For women’s fitness, exercise is not the only thing you have to do. You have to follow the diet along with exercise. Don’t take saturated foods, fried foods, cheese, ice creams, pastries etc. Take lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water as water is the main source to keep you fit.

Don’t over exercise as it may make you fatigue and tired. Over exercise may even injure you. If you feel pain while doing exercise, stop doing the exercise and consult your physician immediately.

Benefits of women’s fitness:

  • You will get a firm and toned body
  • Your metabolism increases due to increase in your muscle mass
  • Your body fat will be reduced
  • Reduces the risks of health problems
  • Menstrual and premenstrual pains will be decreased
  • Your weight will be controlled and aging process will be decreased
  • Blood circulation and bone strength will be increased
  • Cellulite will be decreased from your body
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