Rapid Weight Loss Hidden Dangers

What’s the bargain for your Weight Loss Success?

The desire to lose weight is common. But to lose weight or to lose weight quickly you have to make a bargain. It depends on what you choose will decide the value bargain, a good or bad bargain.

Everyone has the desire to lose weight quickly, and lose weight quickly. The need for a quick fix is the reason behind the rise of many fad diets.

Want to lower the risk of health problem and have a better energy level – lose weight.

Weight loss can help to counteract the risk of health problem, but do every weight loss brings the same result…

weight loss

What is the difference in weight loss and quick weight loss?

Is there any difference in both approach?

Or just losing weight is healthy…

Yes! There is a huge difference in both weight loss approach, a weight loss in two weeks and a weight loss in two months.

If you are planning to lose weight, prefer the slow weight loss approach instead of your deepest desire to lose weight quickly.

Let’s have a look over the bargain you might make while choosing a quick weight loss.

1. You Make a Temporary Change

Everyone wants to lose weight and it’s the real problem. The problem is with the desire to lose weight quickly and a misconception that every weight loss is healthy.

Before trying any weight loss approach take a moment to answer a few questions?

  1. How long will you be able to follow the diet or routine?
  2. What are you learning in the process of losing weight that will help to maintain the weight loss success?
  3. How long will you be able to keep the achieved healthy weight?

Weight loss success and the ease to maintain them lies in the routine.

Weight gain isn’t a crime, instead, it’s a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. You don’t need to torture yourself to lose weight when they can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle.

When you are looking to lose weight, your priority should be on fixing the lifestyle as it influences weight gain and even they are the solution.

While trying to lose weight quickly, we forget about fixing the lifestyle issue and keep on hustling to take extreme steps. These extreme steps are tough to start and continue.

For the first days, the motivation to achieve the weight loss goal is high, so we complete every task with ease. But the motivation starts to drain as we keep on making the tough choice daily. Body and mind start to give-up due to extreme change brought due to a particular diet.

As body and mind give-up, you will quit the diet that helped you to lose weight and switch to the earlier lifestyle. As the earlier lifestyle was the reason behind the weight gain, you start to gain it back.

A healthy lifestyle should be the priority for your weight loss goal. If a dietary routine doesn’t focus on improving lifestyle then consider it a diet that will help you achieve your weight loss goal but leave you when you need to most, during weight maintenance.

2. You Aren’t Really Losing Weight

The moment someone starts with a weight loss program, their focus is around checking the weight. With a focus on change in weight, they get obsessed with losing weight the fastest way possible.

When losing weight by any means is considered healthy, it’s natural to focus on weight change.

When a loss of weight is considered a healthy sign, the actual goal to lose fat get blurred.

If you are using a weight machine to check the progress you won’t be able to find whether the weight you lost was fat weight or muscle and water weight.

Muscle and water content add weight to the body but they are a healthy one. While the actual focus of weight loss should be on losing unhealthy fat weight.

When you follow a fad diet, you will see a faster result in weight loss, but the actual loss is muscle and water weight.

With the loss of muscle and water weight, you also lose your strength and energy.

Do you know muscle weighs more than fat?

So, if you are losing weight at a faster rate, then you should guess what you are actually losing.

3. For a Short-term Result You Bargain Long-term Risk

The biggest bargain for losing weight quickly is a long-term risk for a short-term result.

By far you know that losing weight fast won’t last for long, but the health issue will surely last.

Some of the early sign of rapid weight loss are…

  1. Headache
  2. Irritability
  3. Fatigue
  4. Dehydration
  5. Electrolyte imbalance
  6. Dizziness
  7. Constipation

Effect of rapid weight loss in the later stage is

  1. Muscle loss
  2. Nutrition deficiency
  3. Gallstone
  4. Gout
  5. Cold intolerance
  6. Hair Loss
  7. Menstrual irregularities
  8. Disordered eating

The above negative effects are the signs of rapid weight loss. While the long-term risk of rapid weight loss is not known. But it’s sure that with frequent change in weight, the risk is quite high.

While the main problem with rapid weight loss – weight gain in the shortest time period.

You gave all the effort and time to lose weight and still you end up gaining those back. While this time you do with an added health issue as mentioned above.


If you are looking to lose weight, surely go for it.

Instead of focusing on quick weight loss strategy, focus on building a healthier lifestyle. With a better lifestyle, you will lose weight and won’t have to worry about gaining that weight.

Healthy habits, balanced meals, and an active lifestyle will set you for a successful weight loss and weight management.

Deepak is an author and a blogger who specialized in nutrition, healthy eating and weight loss. He has published his first book “Shredding Complexity – Shredding Complexity: A Path To Permanent Fat Loss, Better Health & Energy To Live Fullest (No Weight Loss, Just Fat Loss)”.In his free time, you can find him in reading books and hanging out with family and friends.