Gym Etiquette

Each New Year brings with it the usual resolutions, one of the most popular is to get healthy and perhaps join a fitness club.

As a result, January and February are the busiest months of the year for all kinds of gyms and fitness related institutions.

Like many establishments or clubs, there are rules that should be followed by all members. Some of these rules however are rules of etiquette that will not be found in the membership contract.

It is important to understand these written and un-written rules to keep a happy and friendly atmosphere within the club.

There are some basic ones such as general courtesy and politeness, this not only gives a good atmosphere to the club it is also important as it promotes a safer atmosphere especially when potentially dangerous equipment such as weights are in use.

There are other un-written rules such as if you lay down on a bench and perform a few reps. After you stand up and walk away to your next machine, are you leaving a pool of sweat for the next user to lie in? Common courtesy and health require that you towel down all equipment after you have used it.

Cellphone usage is an absolute no-no at just about every establishment. Appropriate clothing is also encouraged depending on the type of exercise routines being practiced.

Leaving equipment as you found it, for example replacing a dumbbell in its correct place are also regarded as basic rules. If you are not sure about how to conduct yourself then ask members of staff as well as other patrons who will generally be very helpful in bringing new guys into line with the accepted way of doing things at your new gym.