Short Yoga Exercises That Will Improve Your Physical And Mental Well Being

It is well recognized that yoga has many benefits both spiritually and physically, its results can be gauged by the increase of activity in the brain.

Preferably every day but even a few times a week of exercise will improve your well being.

Many of the yoga exercises are very quick and can be fitted into most routines, even those that are office bound can enjoy the advantages.

By sitting at the edge of the chair stretch your legs in front, then bending forward firmly hold the upper area of your exercises

Now push the elbows out and allow your upper body to flop down and relax for a count of twenty seconds. Rest and repeat this procedure several times.

Taking only two full minutes of your tight schedule is the head twist. Staying at at your desk place your head in your hands while moving the elbows together, making sure your ears are covered and shutting the eyes tightly.

Then put the hand behind your head, pushing your head until the chin is touching the chest area.

Next with the arms perfectly still tilt your head to the left, support the chin with the left hand and hold the back of the head with the right one. Move your head gently, as far as you can to the left, stay in position for five seconds, being as still as possible. Now repeat this for the right hand side of your body.

For a five minute routine try standing up and commence with an exercise to expand the chest area. Keep nice and straight with your heels together and gradually raise both arms, now turn your palm to face outwards while stretching out your arms. Allow yourself to experience the motion.

Next with an upward motion move your arms back while bending backwards at your waist. Keep this pose while counting very slowly to five. [Back Stretches]

Still holding your arms very high switch to bending forward, point your head downwards and stay with a relaxed neck for a suitably slow ten second count. The aforementioned routine will be good for the elbows, shoulders and spinal region.

Practicing yoga for just ten short minutes per day will prevent depression, avoid high blood pressure, reset any emotional imbalance and do wonders for stress levels. [Benefits of Yoga]

Yoga can also be beneficial for the body’s immune system and increase energy. Concentration too can be improved upon with just a short amount of exercising.

All this can be done within a busy work schedule or in the comfort of your own surroundings, in other words no gyms required.