Workout Routines to Build Muscle that You Can Do at Home

One may think that you need to have the membership of some fancy gym so you can do workout routines to build muscle. However with a little imagination and some of the tips given below, you may be able to build muscle at home, without the aid of expensive and complicated workout equipment.

home workout routineThe simple thing to remember is that you have to stress the muscles of the body if you want them to grow and for this, they have to encounter resistance. This resistance can be in the form of weights (dumbbells, weight machines and so on) or the resistance can be created using one’s own body weight.

The basic workout routines to build muscle using nothing but one’s body weight are Pull-ups, Push-ups and Squats and it is possible to get results doing just three half-hour workouts each week. Pull ups will help build the arm and back muscles, pushups will build up the shoulders, chest and arms. Squats help with the legs and butt muscles.

Level One Workout routines to build Muscle

Day 1 – Start slow and make sets of one pull up (use any pull up bar in a doorway or other place in the home), two pushups and three squats. Do as many sets can you can in 20 minutes.

Day 2 – Push it up a bit and make sets of 2 pullups, 6 pushups, and 10 squats – do five sets with a couple of minutes of rest in between.

Day 3 – On day three try making sets of 10 pull-ups, 21 pushups and 21 squats. However if you are not able to do as many reps, work yourself up to it and do not ‘train to failure’ as the experts put it.

Tips about doing home workout routines to build muscle

  • When you begin, you may not be able to do pull ups and pushups using the correct technique. If so, use someone to assist in doing pull-ups or use body momentum to do so. If you can’t crack a pushup right away, begin by doing pushups off your knees and then crank it up to a regular pushup. For the squats, begin with high squats and then progress to lower and yet lower squats.
  • Once the body and muscles build up endurance, you will find you can do lots of reps without tiring. What this means is that you will no longer make gains, without tweaking your workout routines to build muscle. To tweak the pull up, use rings rather than a bar; they are tougher. Or you can do one arm pull ups. For pushups, try doing one arm pushups or try doing elevated pushups to increase intensity and difficulty levels.
  • Another way to tweak your workout routines to build muscle is to add weights – wear a back pack that is weight down by bottles or tins or books, or use a weighted vest. Ankle or wrist weights attached to the limbs while you do the exercises will make them tougher and will help you continue to make gains.