The Top Diet and Nutrition Myths Busted

When it comes to diet and nutrition, there are many things we hear often but are totally untrue. People have a lot of misconceptions about proper diet requirements and nutrition needs and due to these misconceptions, they go on eating foods which are not healthy and avoid items that can actually be good for them. Thus there is a need to bust the myths associated with diet and nutrition. For your information and help, we have come out with the list of the top diet and nutrition myths along with the actual true facts:

top diet and nutrition myths bustedEggs are Bad for the Heart

One of the biggest myths associated with diet and nutrition is that eggs are bad for the heart health.  It is true that eggs contain a large amount of cholesterol but saying that eggs are bad for the heart is not fair.  Studies have shown that people who consume eggs on a regular basis do not experience any heart issues because the chief heart disease agents are saturated and Trans fats.  So you can go on eating eggs without any worries.

Carbohydrates can make you Fat

Most people think that carbohydrates can make a person fat and this is yet another misconception.  According to many research and studies, there is nothing in carbohydrates which can make a person fat.  On the contrary, it is the consumption of too many calories that can actually make a person fat.

Ofcourse, having sugary or refined carbohydrate foods can put a person at the risk of health problems but this doesn’t mean that carbohydrates are the culprit.  Thus it is not a good idea to cut down on the foods which contain the healthy carbs such as whole grains, fruits, beans and vegetables etc.

Weight Gain Results on Eating Foods that the Body cant Process

A lot of people believe that they are gaining weight due to the foods like dairy or wheat which their body can’t process but this is another myth related to diet and nutrition.  This theory is actually illogical because technically if your body can’t process some foods, it would not absorb the calories derived from it and that would infact lead to weight loss and not weight gain.

Radiation from the Microwave can Create Dangerous Compounds in the Food

This is another big myth associated with diet and nutrition. Many people avoid microwave cooking because they think that this can create dangerous compounds in the food. On the contrary, microwave cooking is just like any other form of cooking which applies heat to the food.  The waves or rays that it creates are very weak and cannot pose any danger to the food.

Microwaving Eliminates the Nutrients

If there is any nutrient loss in your food, then it is probably because of the amount of time of cooking as well as the heat and this is true for every form of cooking and not just microwaving.  Infact, microwave cooks foods more quickly and hence loss of nutrients is minimum in it.