Indiana Tells Restaurants To Display Nutrition Facts

The Indiana state health committee has reached a consensus and has approved a bill, which will see eating establishments, be required to post relevant nutritional facts to give their customers the information they need to make healthy diet decisions.

A handful of the big chains in the state such as Subway already published the nutritional information in their outlets.

A handful of private establishments in Indianapolis have also adopted the idea ahead of legislation.

The state believes that diners now require the same kind of information about what they are eating as they find on packaging for food in the grocery store. The state also sees advantages for people who are trying to fight the rampant obesity problem found across the country.

They say that all people, especially those trying to improve their health by dieting, should be given the information they need to allow them to select the best meal to assist them in their weight loss efforts.

As it stands at the moment, the bill will only apply to food chains with more than ten outlets in the state.

It will require them to clearly display simple nutritional facts such as amount of proteins, carbohydrates, sodium and so forth in a meal.

The penalty for failing to clearly display this information will be $1000 for each and every day.