5 Fit Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine’s Day is that tricky time of the year, when we’re drowned by the marketing campaigns promoting pink sweeties, candies and chocolates, that day when we make reservations for the same old romantic night out with wine, ice cream and a red rose. In case you got sick of this yearly routine, you can try experiencing something else that will strengthen your bond as a couple.

Valentine’s Day Race

Valentine Day Race

Give up on the traditional dinner this year and take your lover for a run. Running in a Valentine’s Day Race is one healthy, fun way to spend the day. Either you are a regular runner or an amateur looking for something different, you can enjoy the fresh air and all the entertaining involved in a themed race.

Valentine’s Fitness

Valentine Fitness

Maybe sweating together it’s not quite romantic, but it sure is healthy. Get your body all toned up and enjoy a special date for this special day. You can spend the day at the gym with your partner and enroll in different classes, then finish the work out with a couple of dancing classes. This is also great if you are single: hit the gym and find your soul-mate.

Valentine’s Rocky Date on Camping

Valentine Rocky Date on camping

Want some adventure? Enjoy a rock climbing session with your partner. Boost up the confidence between the two of you while working out. You can head for an indoor climbing session or head for the woods. If you choose the great outdoors, you can indulge in a short romantic picnic on top of the cliff, enjoying the view and the achievement together. And why not setting the camp and stargaze in the evening to end the day in an old school romantic way.

Valentine’s Day Perfect Prelude: Massage

Valentine Day Perfect Prelude - Massage

Getting a massage from your partner is nice but getting a double massage with your partner is even better. Romantic, intimate, stress and toxins releasing, endorphins level booster  an creating a holistic state of wellbeing, a massage is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover. This is the perfect finish for a day spend outdoors.

Valentine’s Cooking Time

Valentine Cooking Time

Enroll in a cooking class with your partner and learn new recipes while you have fun. This is also a romantic way to spend the day with your loved one, mixing seasoning and love. For singles it can be the lucky day when you meet your future lover. Make sure you enroll in a healthy cooking class to support your endeavor of staying healthy and fit.

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your significant other and enjoy it, so you should take up cool, out-of-the-box activities to add a dash of fresh fun to this day.

photo credit: (www.active.com)