Tips to Stay Safe While Running Alone

Running alone can be the best runs of your lifetime. You can give yourself some quality time, burn down those extra calories, push out the stress and have an amazing experience pounding on the pavement. But in the middle of your enjoyment, you should never let your guard down.

Whenever you plan to run alone, remain extra alert and be aware about the surroundings. Some people think that it’s safer to run when its daylight outside than its dark, which is somehow true, but there are some tips that you should follow while running alone.

tips to stay safe while running alone

Know your Route and Plan your way

Its exciting as well as amazing to keep on wandering and running as the wind flows, but it is not advised to do so when you are running alone. Nothing can be worse than facing a situation wherein you have ran for eight miles and you feel completely lost! You should be well aware of the way that you have chosen to run on and the way back too.

Always Carry Some Cash

Whenever you step out of your home to run, do not forget to keep some cash with you. In case of any kind of emergency or at the times when anything unexpectedly comes up, you should not feel like a loser.

Run in Populated Areas

It is advised that you run in those areas where there are other runners as well. To stay safe, you should be known to the people and the surroundings around you. If someday you end up falling or spraining your leg, there would be people who might lend you a helping hand. It is therefore advised not to run alone on an unknown way.

Keep Switching your Running Route

One of the most important tips that you should follow while running alone is to keep changing your running route. If one day you have chosen say route A, next day, try to travel to route B and chose some other way. This will rule out the chances of following or tracking by the assailants.

Do not Put on your Earphones on a Very Loud Volume

Try to wear your headphones in just one ear and listen up to what is happening in and around your surroundings. Do not run like an ignorant and be aware of what is going in and around you.

Run Against the Traffic

Whenever you are running alone, plan your route in such a way that you run against the traffic. This is so because a person driving a vehicle can easily see you coming from the front and it will avoid the possibility of accidents. It is advised that if you run alone, run in early morning because that time the traffic is lesser.

Keep your Cell Phone with you

There might be times when you have to escape a group of sketchy looking people or just make a call to someone, during such times, it is always advised to keep your cell phone with you.