Will The Wii Game Help Make You Fit?

The popular Wii Fit has topped all videogame sales and is still going strong.

Nearly 1.5 million households are now equipped with these games, which reproduce and convey all our movements with the use of a balance board, thus creating an imaginary game or sport activity.

These Wii Fit games claim to be good exercising substitutes for real exercises, and a great way to get fit without having to endure aches and exhaustion.

Despite their apparent popularity, the managing editor of a widespread gaming blog claims that after an initial enthusiasm for these games, sooner or later everyone starts tiring of the game, as it becomes more of a routine.

Nintendo thought that this would be a winning game, as everyone wants to get fit without effort.

With this new game system Nintendo also captured a different segment of the public; the middle or older aged people, who grew quite thrilled at the idea they too could participate in the physical activity together with the rest of the family.

Nintendo does not comment this market incongruity, though its initial success proves that it did successfully broaden the market and consumers of videogames.

Although it will probably not be a success in the long term, a researcher is now leading a study to assess whether people who use it regularly benefit in overall health and fitness.