Vitamin: The Immunity Booster

Are you not prone to frequent cold and cough? It is a proved fact that you are sure to catch 233 colds on an average in your entire life. Your body may not have a strong immune system to fight against the foreign substances that are the reason behind your illness. Due to a weak immune mechanism, your body at times is unable to resist the attack of foreign substances like the bacteria, parasites and viruses.

vitamin the immunity booster

Role of the Immune System

To be specific, it is your immune system that performs the job to defend you against the microorganisms that causes diseases. This immune system at times fails to do so. A germ easily defeats your immune system and makes you feel ill. To fight against the powerful microorganisms you need a strong immune system. A strong immune system can provide you protection from all the foreign substances and thus keep you healthy and fit. You can boost your immune system by bringing certain changes in your lifestyle and also by improving the diet. Your immunity system functions well when it is in complete harmony. A very important way to improve your immune system is to include vitamins in your diet.

Vitamins Boost the Immune System

Vitamins are well known for its protective features. Vitamins play a vital role to fight against various illnesses and make you strong from within. It helps to repair the damaged cells and also protects the body from any kind of damage. Due to its curative and protective property, doctors and dieticians recommend a diet rich in vitamins. It can be in the form of diet or in the form of supplements as vitamin supplements can be easily absorbed in the body.

Among all kinds, few vitamins are more powerful and provide more strength to your immune system. The antioxidants are considered as the best vitamins as they help to neutralize the harmful and free radicals.  If you always have a diet that is rich in antioxidant vitamins you are sure to have a healthy immune system to fight against all sorts of infection. Here is a list of vitamins that boost the immune system of your body:

Vitamin A

The antioxidant property of Vitamin A protects your cells from the damage due to oxidation. It protects your eyesight and helps your skin fight the signs of ageing. The foods that are rich in Vitamin A are fish like Cod and Halibut, meat, eggs, cheese, milk, kidney and liver. Eating of raw fruits also gives you sufficient amount of Vitamin A.

Vitamin C

This water soluble vitamin helps you in growth and body development. The antioxidant property of this vitamin helps wound healing and blocks any kind of damage because of oxidation. It gives you enough strength to fight against common colds. Citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and cabbages are a few food items that are rich source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin E

This vitamin brings the free radicals together that are the products of oxidation. It protects you from cell death, heart diseases and even cancer. It helps to control sugar level in your body. The most important source of Vitamin E is wheat germ. The other sources are dark green leafy vegetables, olive, avocados, eggs, nuts and much more.

There are other vitamins like Vitamin B, K and D which also helps to boost your immune system.