Meet Yoga ‘Nazi’ Otto Cedeño

“Pink shorts. Yes, you. Crotch down!” yells Otto Cedeño, owner of Bikram Yoga Union Square, NY, at one of his students. “If you’re not going to get your knees down, you might as well be eating pizza down the street!” he yells at yet another.

He is called the Yoga ‘Nazi’ by his friends and he doesn’t mind. We may think of yoga is being all about inner calm and about using physical activity to get in touch with your spiritual side; here is someone who conducts yoga classes in the manner of a drill sergeant!

yoga teacher otto cedenoThis is a task master who will give you yoga detention for breaking rules like: no water for the first 30 minutes of the class; no make up, no loose hanging clothes; hair must be tied back.

He is certainly the yoga teacher with a difference; his students get bullied if they are not in the correct ‘corpse position’ even!

Woe betides anyone who is not in the correct yogic position; they literally get kicked into position by the yoga Nazi from New York who danced on Broadway before embracing yoga.

Cedeño is by his own admission not in the business of being nice; he is there to train “people who strive” and who perhaps will respond to a little abuse as well.

Source: NY Post