10 Things to Know About Macrobiotic Diet

What is Macrobiotic Diet?

A macrobiotic diet is a kind of a diet which involves eating of whole grains as staple food. In this type of a dietary regime, one has to avoid eating of refined or highly processed foods.

In this type of a diet, people generally supplement vegetables, beans and brown rice as well. Lets get to know some more facts about macrobiotic diet:

macrobiotic diet

1. The number one thing to know about macrobiotic diet is that it is based upon the principle that all the food items contain energy but this energy is based on a much deeper level than calories.

2. What macrobiotic diet focuses on is the fact that when a person is preparing a meal, he/she wishes to create a balance between the negative and the positive forces contained in the different food items.  By attaining this balance, the body finds an internal balance and leads to better overall health.

3. In a macrobiotic dietery regime, the calories are broken up into specific food groups.  In this diet, 50-60% of the calories are derived from whole grains like brown rice, rye, millet, barley and buckwheat.

4. Another 25-30% of the calories are derived from vegetables excluding tomatoes, beets, eggplants and spinach etc.

5. The rest of the 5-10% of the calories come from foods made of legumes or cooked legumes such as tofu, soy and miso.

6. The remaining amount of calories are derived from vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, seaweed and white fish.

7. Macrobiotic diet addresses the manner of eating and tries to prevent overeating as much as possible.

8. Another fact that is important in a macrobiotic diet is that focus must be given to chewing food as thoroughly as possible.

9. Often, people who are suffering from cancer are recommended macrobiotic diet. There is no evidence which proves this fact but results have been positive in many cases.

10. Macrobiotic diet is a healthier and more holistic long term lifestyle for women, men and children and basically changes a mental outlook towards food consumption.

Some Foods You Can Eat While on a Macrobiotic Diet

The following are some of the foods which can be consumed by those who are following a macrobiotic diet:

  • Apart from the items mentioned above, fluid intake must be governed only by thirst.  So having teas that are only made up of dandelion greens, roasted grains and water of soba noodles is allowed or recommended.  Caffeine has to be avoided and all those teas made of aromatic fragrances must also be avoided.  All water used for cooking or drinking must be completely purified.
  • To maintain proper yin/yang, all extremely yang foods and very yin foods must be avoided in this kind of a diet.  All animal products including milk and dairy products are also to be avoided. Some other foods which must be avoided are tropical fruits, fruit juice, chocolates, refined sugar and hot spices.
  • Macrobiotic diet focuses on having all organically grown foods and fresh items.