How To Evaluate Your Body Fitness Levels?

Did you ever evaluate your fitness levels? It is quite possible to tell whether you are in right shape or not by just looking at your body.

But, being in shape doesn’t mean that you are fit. Fitness is often determined by state of your health and others with similar age group.

But, do you know you can evaluate fitness levels by yourself? Here is a test that determines your fitness levels.

Before test

Consult your regular physician first before you consider taking fitness test. Go for a walk to warm up your muscles for fitness test.

Fitness evaluation test

To start the test, initially you have to go for one mile cardio walk(cardiac stress testing). This test is very crucial because it reduces your risk of heart diseases and increases your energy levels.

After warming up your muscles, walk as fast as you can up to one mile. You can use your treadmill or measure the route using tape or in your car. As soon as you are done, note how much time it took and count your heart rate for 10 seconds.

Now multiply the result by 6. By the way you feel it or using perceived exertion scale it from 1 to 10. This easily shows how fit you are, if you are not sure take help from your fitness trainer. Similarly you can take pushup test, crunches, sit and reach tests to evaluate your fitness levels.