Resurgence of Tae Bo Fitness

The 1990’s saw a surge of popularity for the aerobic exercise routine of Tae Bo, a form of Cardio boxing (the ‘tae’ comes from taekwondo and the ‘bo’ comes from boxing) developed by taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks.  Over a hundred million workout programs of Tae Bo have sold since it was first introduced.

tae bo

Recent reports suggest that the cardio workout with the martial arts kick is back – Tae Bo is back in a new avatar.  Earlier forms of the fitness routine drew upon diverse disciplines such as dance, ballet, yoga, boxing, karate and taekwondo, and the new workout from Blanks called PT 24/7 has all this and more.

PT (short for Physical Training) 24/7 also uses cardio bands for resistance that are attached to the shoes and boxing gloves so that you have the benefit of resistance along with a cardio workout to save time. The new workout time is shortened to half an hour, and the resistance bands move along with the exerciser.

Resistance bands are something that you can run, walk, cycle with and can also be useful for power walking making a daily stroll more challenging for older people. This is a fun way to get more out of regular cardio activities.