Why is it so Important for Autistic People to Have Exercise?

For most people, there is the awareness of the importance of working out to achieve better health and a good looking body and fitness can still be a difficult ideal to achieve. For people with autism, fitness poses even more challenges.

1.Autistic People People with autism are not able to function in the way that others do, and owing to this they typically have sedentary lives that tend to make them overweight. BMI of those with autism is known to be higher than the normal range.

A study has shown that whereas 24% of normal children are likely to be overweight, 30% of those children with autism spectrum disorder are overweight.

2. The entitlement benefits of autistic children expire when they reach the age of 21, after which they do not receive occupational or physical therapy in the routine course.

So it becomes even more challenging for parents and caregivers to keep those with autism spectrum disorders fit, since autistic individuals no longer get to be physically active in the routine course.

After this time, most people such as parents and caregivers tend to give up trying to make autistic individuals go to the gym or follow any particular exercise or fitness program.

3. Reasoning and motivation are other stumbling blocks when it comes to autism spectrum individuals since they tend to be very pragmatic. If they see no immediate reward for an activity, then they see no point in continuing with it.

“It’s good for you” is usually inadequate motivation for them to workout. If they find that there is insufficient concrete reason for them to work out, it may be quite difficult to get them to move.