Examination Pressure? Follow These Simple Yet Effective Meditation Tips

A stack of notes, swollen eyes, stuff spread here and there, and a lot of stress! Well everyone has to go through this phase in life called –exams! Many students get stressed and tensed just by the thought of examinations or tests. Exam fear is a result of stress which arises from efforts of scoring well and coping up with the syllabus left.

Effective Meditation Tips

Unnecessary tension during or before exams does no good to anyone and may infact prove to have a negative impact on the results.  But there are many ways to deal with this tension or stress during examinations and one of them is meditation or yoga.

Meditation can help to win over the situation of crumbling under pressure and relaxes the mind and the body. Let’s look at some of the meditation tips and tricks for students during examination:

  • The best time of the day to do some meditation or practice yoga is early morning. So all students must make it a point to get up early in the morning to do some light yoga exercises such as Surya Namaskar.  Surya Namaskar is a full body exercise which leaves you energized and fresh. It prepares you for the rest of day of study.
  • This can be followed by some simple breathing exercises. These practices will improve the overall focus and concentration of the students.  Take long deep breaths and follow this procedure for a few minutes everyday. Breathing in and out is deeply connected with the mind, so if you are relaxed, your breathing will be long and slower.
  • To meditate, you need to select a quiet part of the house, preferably outdoors. Sit with a straight back and cross your legs. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  Try to avoid concentration on all kinds of distractions and clear you mind. It is recommended not to think about your exams or worry about them. Meditating will help you to release all the stress and improves your concentration power.
  • If you cannot get up early in the morning, then you can choose to meditate each time before sitting down for a study session. Infact, on the day of the exam, you can try to meditate a few minutes before the starting of the examination as this will help to calm down your nerves.
  • Whenever you feel you cannot concentrate any further, take a break and do what you like. You can listen to some music, talk to you friends, and go take a walk in the park or play a little. Taking your mind off studies is essential and improves the overall quality of concentration and focus and as the popular saying goes “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”.
  • You must remember that aiming for a long meditation session will do you no good at the starting. You must begin meditating for 5 minutes for a few days and then slowly increase the time interval.

Photo Credit By: en.paperblog.com