How Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Weight?

whey proteinWhey protein has been described as a food that is rich in lactose, is practically fat free and contains proteins of a very high biological value.

Whey is used not only by body builders because it helps the body produce amino acids for building muscle, but is also useful for helping people looking to lose weight for the following main reasons –

  • Whey offers stable blood sugar and energy levels. Whey helps to stabilize blood sugar levels for both diabetics and non-diabetics. Unstable blood sugar can sap you of energy and make you feel too drained and tired to work out. Whey gives you a balanced amount of energy throughout the day; so you have energy to work out and you are also able to curb sweet cravings. Whey is also thought to help improve mood and focus, and also improve sleep quality.
  • Whey can help you feel fuller for longer. This helps to curb cravings that can strike at odd hours, which can derail a weight loss program. If you can control snacking you can help control your total caloric intake. Also whey helps in weight loss since burning protein takes up more of the body’s calories than burning fat.