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essential things to consider having in your meditation room

10 Essential Things to Consider Having in your Meditation Room

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind either to avail benefit related to the mind and its calmness or just to acknowledge its satisfaction or content. There are many meditation classes set up across the world where people can go and practice Meditation but a lot of individuals like to set up […]


Busting the Most Common Cardio Machine Myths

Cardio is one of the most popular workout techniques and the most loved daily exercise routine part for most health and fitness enthusiasts around the world.  Not only is cardio very beneficial for the cardiovascular health and efficiency but is also a great way to burn more calories and lose weight.  A 30 minute walk […]

types of healing teas

7 Different Types of Healing Teas for a Healthier You

An herbal tea is a kind of a tea which is made by using some beneficial herbs with medicinal or health properties. An herbal tea can have many positive effects on the body and the mind and contains the power of many important nutrients.  This is one reason why it is also referred to as […]

exercise and its effect on mental health

Exercise and its Effect on Mental Health

There are lots of reasons to work out. Regular exercise improves your health, can reduce your weight, can reduce your likelihood of developing all manner of diseases and disorders, etc. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to get regular exercise–and, in spite of its importance, one of the least often talked about–is it’s benefit […]

aerobics Vs weight training

Aerobics Vs Weight Training: Which One is Better for your Health?

We do a lot of exercises to lose fat, keep our body fit and our muscles toned. But a lot of time we do not know which type of exercise suits our needs the most! Some people swear by cardio exercises like aerobics while some others are loyal to their weight training programme. There is […]

bikes vs. treadmills

Bikes vs. Treadmills: Which is Perfect for you?

Both treadmills and bikes are effective forms of cardiovascular exercises and both of these come in many sizes, designs, brands and budget ranges.  Bikes and treadmills are both adjustable and customizable according to the person using them and are machines which can really help you stay fit. But if wanted to pick one from the […]

things to remember when you are taking up bodybuilding

Things to Remember When you are Taking up Bodybuilding

Many of us dream of having perfectly sculpted bodies. But what we fail to understand is behind such a body is a long period of hard work, dedication and determination. It is not easy to build a nicely toned, muscular body. You have to go through a number of ordeals, take good care of your […]