Jogging – Not Good For Weight Loss

Jogging may have a cult following among fitness fanatics, but if you want to lose weight, jogging may not be the ideal kind of exercise, says London-based personal trainer Greg Brookes. Jogging is not the ideal exercise, because the more one runs, the more the body prepares itself for the next run.

joggingThe human body is a remarkable machine that has the ability to adapt to almost anything; including jogging.

The more you jog, the more efficient the body becomes at the activity – the body becomes more efficient and so there will be fewer calories burnt as the body adapts better and better to this physical activity.

In fact, in time, the body may even start to hold on to the fat, since fat is one of the body’s more favorite sources of energy.

Another reason why jogging is not to be recommended is that it is bad for the joints; since as much as two and a half times one’s body weight is transmitted through the joints.

While the perception is that any exercise will speed up the metabolism, this may not be true for jogging, according to Brooke, who is of the view that jogging could actually end up doing the opposite.