Turkish Get Up: A Full Body Exercise To Help Build Strong Muscles

Are you looking for a core exercise that helps build strength, flexibility, and stability in muscles of the entire body? Turkish Get up is highly recommended, as it is a full body strength exercise which moulds the body into desired contours.

Turkish Get Up (TGU), also known as the Get Up, is an excellent way of building up multi-functional core strength throughout several muscles in the body.

A traditional exercise used by weight-lifters at the beginning of a workout, TGU benefits you in several ways if you do it regularly:

  • Strengthens all major muscle groups, ligaments, and tendons;
  • Develops flexibility and physical stoutness all over the entire body, especially the waist, hips, and shoulders;
  • Burns a lot of calories and gives an enhanced body structure;
  • Increases muscular-cardiovascular stamina.

Turkish Get Up exercise needs stability and flexibility and is generally performed using a kettlebell. The shape and weight distribution of the kettle bell requires the body to struggle and work hard to gain all the benefits of the exercise. The exercise can also be performed with variations, such as a dumbbell, barbell, or club, to increase the level of difficulty.

One can gain the body benefits of Turkish Get Up by selecting the right variations and implementing it correctly.

Turkish get up exercise using a kettlebell:

Step 1: Lie down on your back, keeping your legs straight. Hold the kettlebell (appropriate size) directly above the shoulder, such as in the bench press position, where your elbow should be fully locked, wrist straight, and eyes towards the kettlebell.

Step 2: Place the right leg to the side with heel down (on the ground). Now, keeping the kettlebell above the shoulder continually, slowly raise the right leg/heel up. Continue the step by raising the left leg and extending the left arm beneath you to drive yourself up.

With right positioning, the step ends up in a sitting position with the kettlebell directly above your head and the left arm supporting you to stand up.

Step3: Pushing the left arm into the base (ground) forms a one arm hip bridge, keeping the kettlebell arm straight up and eyes towards the bell. Now, once again, drive yourself up through the right leg/heel and lift the hips so that they spread widely.

Step 4: Next, holding the bridge position, spin yourself at the waist and sneak the left leg beneath the body by keeping the knee completely underneath its own hip.

Step 5: Attain the lunge position by pushing the left knee and positioning the hips below the torso. Now, the pose appears as if you are standing with the right (front) leg at quarter circle (90 degrees), torso completely erect, left (rear) leg on its knee, kettlebell straight into the sky.

Step 6: Finally attain a standing position by driving from the right leg, as it is the front leg and provides the stamina to stand up. It is important to keep the kettlebell above your head throughout the exercise.

Reverse the above steps to get back into your normal position. Perform Turkish Get Up exercise with the prescribed steps and make your body strong and flexible!