A Fitness Regime For Fall

When Fall weather arrives, it’s not just the leaves that change. Your workout routine can also be transformed, thanks to the temperate weather.

Forget the sweaty summer jogs and the bone-chilling January walks: Autumn is custom made for outdoor activities.

Here are six workout ideas that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the season while giving your fitness a boost to boot.

Raking Leaves

Clearing fallen leaves is one of those chores that doesn’t seem like work. Remember watching the adults do it when you were a kid and begging to help?

The deep, autumnal smell of the leaves will please your senses, and you’ll get both your yard and yourself in shape.

Depending on your size, raking can burn 200-400 calories in one hour. That means you can afford a pumpkin latte as a reward for a job well done.

Outdoor Yoga

As the holiday season approaches, who couldn’t use some extra stress relief? Haul your yoga mat to the porch or backyard and take advantage of the mild weather by doing your stretches in a natural setting.

Gather some friends and have a session in the park. You’ll be amazed how the tension melts away when you do your sun salutations toward the actual sun.

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