Fit To Fly – A Fun And Easy Workout

People have always been into flying. Airplanes, helicopters, parachutes are all invented to feel the free and irresponsible feeling of flying.

When choosing to be healthy and fit, there are other choices than using jogging, running, the gym or riding a bike.

A more fun way is the one allowing both the dream to fly and the chance of remaining fit.

While feeling as free as a human can be, the body can also feel better. This is how some exercises that include jumping and “flying” turn out to be very effective.Trampoline

First, the most common type of flying exercise is the ones using a trampoline. Both children and adults enjoy jumping on trampolines. It is easier to shape up using this type of exercise than many other boring routines.

There are two types of trampoline. One is large, round or rectangular about 12-16 feet and the other is small, round and about 3 feet. Although it seems like there is no rule while jumping on a trampoline, it can be very dangerous if this equipment is not used carefully.

The place to set the trampoline, when and how to use it, the precautions that have to be set near the area are extremely important points that need considering before having fun and doing this exercise.

Except for the trampoline, there are other specific exercise ways to jump and exercise. They do not maintain the flying feeling as the trampoline does, but they might also be efficient especially for basketball players and people who love to play basketball as a hobby. These jumping training exercises include jogging followed by a leg sprint, hurdle hopping and tuck jumps.

For those who have more time and interest in sports but also want to feel the flying experience while in the air, pole vault is the right alternative to try. Including lots of exercise and hard work, pole vaulting can be proven to generate rapid results.

Other than these activities, skydiving and jumping with a parachute are other options to both strengthen human body and experience flying. Skydiving, however, is considered to be a sport, and like all the sport activities, it has a training session at the beginning.

Although it is not usually thought to use an exercise alternative, jumping with a parachute needs extra muscle effort and coordination while in the air. While trying to stabilize the position, all muscles of the body are strengthening.

Like jumping exercises, jumping with a rope also allows body to float in the air for seconds and gets all muscles strengthen helping the body lose the fat and shaping up hips and thighs.

Although there are limited ways to both fly and being fit, these alternatives are very good options to experience the long lost childhood feelings of being thinner, shaped and feeling free.