Popular Fitness Myths You Should Steer Clear Of – Part 2

cardio exerciseFitness myths could seriously derail your fitness goals. We look at some more fitness myths:

  1. Cardio is good for your heart not resistance exercise: Strength and resistance exercises are good for a lot of things including your heart. Have you noticed how you puff and pant after a strenuous set? That is your heart getting a work out from the weights!
  2. Weights will lower my flexibility: It is all those muscle bound hulks you see in the magazines that makes you think so, how could they be flexible you think? But the actual fact is that resistance exercises will improve balance and flexibility of the body.
  3. Strength and resistance exercises take a long time to show results: You can see results in as little as four weeks of resistance training and sensible eating. As soon as you really start to challenge your muscles they will respond by changing!
  4. I am already muscular: It could be that one is mistaking body fat for muscle. Large and firm does not necessarily mean muscular, it could be fat. As we grow older we lose muscle naturally rather than gain it.  For women the rate at which muscle is lost actually doubles after menopause.