A Beginner’s Guide To Body Building Workout

There are number of reasons for people to choose bodybuilding workout. The main reason is to improve body shape and lose weight. You can also use Weight loss vitamins.

Men and women with fat present in their body want to tone their body and firm up the muscles.

A lean body and perfect figure have become the standards of every man and woman who want to build their body. Female body building is as important as Man fitness.body building workout

There are different ways for bodybuilding workout routine. Some of them use body building supplements, some use metabolic-enhancer pills, some follow diet, some of them go to aerobic classes, and some of them go to gym. You can follow the combination of the many available ways for body building routine.

Purpose Of Bodybuilding Workout:

Before starting bodybuilding workout, you should decide for what purpose you are building your body. If you are planning for body building routine to participate in body building competition, your plan should be in that way.

Bodybuilding workout routine does not necessarily equate to an exercise program to bulk up as you see most often. Most of the time, body building routine has been associated with men having big arms, wide chests and ‘V’ shaped backs and quads. These are professional body builders and build their body for different reasons.

Those who want to chose body building workout routine fall in either of the 2 categories:
1. Those who get into bodybuilding routine to become lean and healthy. Those who want to gain muscles fall under this group to reach one’s ideal weight. Another would be those who want to lose weight, still to hit one’s ideal weight.

This group concentrates on having firm and muscular bodies. Those who are underweight reach their ideal weight by putting on pounds of muscle. Those who are overweight reduce the fat and hit the ideal weight and transform their bodies which has more muscle than fat.

The two groups fall into this category but their approach is different in carrying out the bodybuilding workout. The diet and supplementation will also be different for both the groups. The common thing between two groups is their goal towards achieving ideal weight which means becoming lean and healthy.

2. Those who get into bodybuilding routine to gain massive muscles – either for the reason of being a professional bodybuilder or simply for the love of it. Those who fall in this group are experts in the field of body building routine. These people have already achieved building their bodies and already have spent time in body building workout.

As they are experts in the field of body building workout, they plan their own body building workout program. Based on their assessment and goals, they vary their diet and nutritional supplements.

Professional body builder have different training programs and diet, depending on the goal whether to participate in any competition or to build muscle mass.

Bodybuilding Workout Tips

Consult the Doctor– Important
Before starting the bodybuilding workout, consult the doctor to find out any health condition exists. Always refer any physical activity, any body building workout program, or diet & supplementation that you plan on taking, to your doctor. Be safe and always consult your doctor.

Learn the Proper Execution of the Exercises
You can learn the body building workout from the websites, magazines and books. If you are a beginner, you must take the help of an instructor to execute the exercises in proper form. To take the help of a professional instructor, you can enroll in a gym.

The gym instructor helps in learning the right body building workout techniques and executing the exercises properly. If you execute the exercises properly, it will be helpful in developing muscles and prevents injuries.

If your execution is not in a proper way or if you are feeling uncomfortable, you may be doing in a wrong way. The exercises are built with different body movements and any deviation causes injuries to the muscles involved.

Follow the right diet and appropriate supplements
You have to follow the correct diet for body building routine. Consult your doctor or nutritionist to follow the proper diet. If you are going to gym, you can ask health adviser there for the proper intake of vitamins and supplements. Find out the right intake of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins to build the muscle mass.

You can learn on your own about proper diet by reading books and materials. There are many websites available for body building diet and supplementation. You can also get information from the health stores if you have membership and some health stores provide discounts for the members who purchase health magazines and supplements in their stores.

Do warm up and cool down exercise
Before starting bodybuilding workout, you should prepare your body for that. You can prepare your body with warm up exercises. The warm up exercises include simple stretching of different parts of the body to make the muscles flexible. By making the muscles flexible, your body will have less risk of injuries and the body can move or stretch easily for complex exercises.

The purpose of warming up is to loosen up the joints and muscles. In the same way, after the workout, cool down exercises should be done to bring your body back to normal level.

Don’t worry About The Weight You Lift
If you are a beginner of bodybuilding workout, you should not lift heavy weights. Start with lighter weights and increase the weights gradually. Don’t think that adding weights increases the intensity of exercise. Use the appropriate weights in proper form which set by the instructor in the gym.

Don’t be in a hurry to finish the exercises as quick body building workout does not give quick results. Many people follow the wrong way in reducing the fat and increasing the muscle mass. You have to follow according to the instructor to get good results. Be patient and cool about the level you are at present and work towards your goal.

No Pain, No Gain – Not Right!
Some people think that if they don’t feel pain while body building workout, they don’t get results. It is not true and should be understood in the proper way. You can expect minor muscle pain, but if it is continuous for more than a couple of days, you should consult the doctor.

If the pain is severe when performing bodybuilding workout, you should stop exercising and take rest. Remember not to subject your muscles pain to work the exercise properly. If you are feeling pain while exercising, then you may be following the wrong posture and wrong way of weight lifting in body building routine.

Exercise Properly
Bodybuilding workout guidelines for underweight:
If you are underweight, you should do few repetitions per set. You have to increase the intensity slowly and weights should be increased gradually. Take rest between sets and between exercises. Make your body muscles flexible with stretching exercises or with yoga. Exercise one hour per session and three to four times a week. Protein should be taken sufficiently for building muscle mass. Vitamins and minerals should be taken regularly.

Bodybuilding workout guidelines for overweight:
If you are overweight, you should do more repetitions per set. You have to increase the intensity gradually with increase of repetitions per set. Take less rest between sets and less time between exercises. Exercise one hour per session and four to five times a week.

Cross training is suitable for overweight people in bodybuilding routine. Include swimming in your body building routine. Consume smaller meals five to six times a day. You should take vitamins and minerals in your diet. Drink glass of water before meals to control your appetite.

Drink Water and Have Lots of Rest
Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. As you workout rigorously, you will sweat more and your body gets dehydrated. The body metabolism slows down if dehydration takes place.

Rest is important for the body to recover and grow. Your muscles will be stressed during body building workout, so they should be recovered and healed after exercise. Therefore rest is important for the recovery. Your muscles grow when you are at rest. So sleep for sufficient amount of time for good recovery of muscles to workout for next day.

Beginners to start body building routine:
Don’t quit in the middle of the bodybuilding workout whether you are losing weight or gaining weight towards your desired weight levels and keep on with your program. If you get a thought of leaving the body building routine, visualize your goal and new body with muscles in the mind.

Don’t take shortcuts in your body building workout while you are on your way to achieve the goal. Don’t take any drugs or supplements to take away fat immediately or to put on muscles quickly. It may cause side effects and lead to other health problems.

Take a hard and long path and take the right way to build the muscles and lean body. Stick to your body building routine plan and follow the plan. Following it in a correct way lead you to success and it will lead to your goal of a perfect body.