Balance Exercises To Build Leg Muscles And Prevent Falls!

Are you experiencing frequent falls? Then regular balance exercises can prevent you from frequent falling.

These falls, fragile bones and low muscular strength are most common conditions in elderly people.

It has been estimated that almost 300, 000 are admitted in hospital each year due to broken hips, which are mostly caused by frequent falling.

Most of you can experience an imbalance in your muscle strength when you reach elderly age.

You can also notice that your walking becomes less stable or most imbalanced. As a result, you can experience sudden falls while you walk or stand due to lack of balance.Balance Exercises

So, in order to avoid this imbalance, there are some of the most simple balance exercises which can help you to give better muscle and bone strength. Practicing these balance exercises can help you to stay active and also helps you to live independently for many years.

Simple balance exercises to practice!

Exercise 1: Stand directly behind a table or any chair by placing your feet slightly apart. Now lift one of your legs for at least six inches out to that respective side and hold this position for more than 10 seconds. Next, repeat the same process with other leg.

Exercise 2: Stand behind any table or chair and keep your feet apart. Slowly try to bend one of your knees towards your chest portion by lifting your foot 6 inches from the floor. Now hold this position for 10 seconds and try this same process with your other leg.

Exercise 3: With similar initial position as mentioned in above exercises, try to lift your left leg straight back with your knee positioning straight. Now, hold in this position for 10 seconds and repeat the same process with other leg.

These are some of most simple and easy balance exercises which you can practice regularly, in order to prevent frequent falls.

Before you start any balance exercises, try to follow these simple safety tips

  • Try to consult your personal health care provider or any doctor before starting any balance exercise program and take proper suggestions.
  • Initially take some one’s help if you are unsteady or try to use any chair or table in order to attain balance during your exercise. If you are quite steady with your feet, then start practicing with no hands and also by simply closing your eyes.
  • Try to hold with only one of your finger tips. When you feel comfortable with one finger tip, then try to practice balance exercise without holding any thing.