Flutter Kick vs. Scissor Kick

Exercise and swimming have been always considered as the key to remain fit and healthy.  While performing exercises or swimming, it is really important to coordinate between the strokes you take and the kick. Most of the strokes use flutter kick whereas scissor kick is used by very less strokes.

These two terms: Flutter and Scissor kick is used in context to various sports activities like swimming, martial art, light exercise and a few more. When you talk about swimming, flutter and scissor kick are two styles of swimming and when refereed to exercise, they are exercises for the abdomen and helps to reduce fat on your belly.

flutter kick vs. scissor kick

In Context to Swimming

Flutter kick and Scissor kick are two popular leg movement of swimming. Flutter kick is more commonly used by the swimmers while executing freestyle stroke or a backstroke whereas Scissor kick is a more relaxed way of leg movement and is used in the side stroke swimming.

Flutter Kick

To perform freestyle and a backstroke, you can not ignore flutter kick. If you perform the kick in a proper way, it helps you to move forward even by just moving your arms. The kick generates enough power to help you swim at a faster speed. The characteristics of flutter kick are:

  • Alternate upward and downward movement of the legs along with slight bend of the knees.
  • Legs do not rise above the water surface.
  • There is no splash in the water while leg movement.
  • Legs move like waves that generate propulsion.

Scissor Kick

This leg movement is used to perform side stroke. It does not involve any vigorous leg movement and thus it is also known as relaxed stroke. You can do the scissor kick after having discussion with your swimming partner. This stroke is not used in any kinds of competition due to its relaxed nature. It hardly involves any leg movement like the flutter kick. The two steps involved in the execution of Scissor Kick are:

  • Kick: It generates the force or the thrust to move forward. You can glide more if there is more thrust.
  • Glide: If you can give a powerful kick, it can help you to glide for a long span in the water.

In Context to Calisthenics

Both flutter kick and scissor kick are recommended if you want to reduce belly fat and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Flutter Kick

If flutter kick is performed regularly, it surely provides strength to your abdomen and also tones up the thighs as well as the calf muscles. Steps to follow while performing flutter kick are:

  • Rest on the back and lift your legs a few inches from the floor.
  • Raise the right leg and then the left leg in an alternate manner and make an up-down movement of the leg with your knees little bent.

Scissor Kick

It is considered as the best workout for your abdomen as it involves different muscles and gives you a great core and posture. Step to perform it are:

  • Lie down on your back with head raised and legs elevated.
  • Move your one leg straight and perpendicular to the floor and then bring it down while moving the other leg to the same position.

A regular practice is sure to give you a toned up look.

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