Maintaining Shape After Forty And Beyond With Proper Fitness Plan

How to get lean body? Exercise is important to a long and healthy life and it is very much important at the age of forty.

You may be thinking how to fit the exercise in your daily routine.

A proper fitness plan helps to fit the exercise in your daily routine.

How to find time for exercise?

Take a piece of paper and write down hour by hour what are the things you do daily. Write down when you wake up and when you sleep. Write the amount of time you spend in watching television. Write the time spent on activities like shower, dressing plan

After writing the daily routine from morning to night, you can just watch that you may be spending couple of hours in watching television and on other activities. You may be doing activities for other people that they can very well do for themselves.

If you are going to drop some of your filler activities, then you can easily drop your weight by preparing a fitness plan.

To follow a proper fitness plan, highlight those filler activities like watching television and chatting and avoid or reduce the time of those activities. But, the activities like talking to your friend and reading magazine consistently leaves you in a better mood then keep doing those activities.

To start an exercise, you need an hour or half an hour time every day. In the beginning, you will workout only for twenty to thirty minutes. You can easily include exercise program in your fitness plan and you get into your routine and spend more time exercising gradually and less time for other activities. Planning for fitness program should be in a proper way.

Do not give excuses like I can’t find an hour or half an hour for exercise, my locality is not safe for walking, I don’t have money for gym membership, I don’t have enough place to exercise inside, it is snowing outside etc. You have to think all the reasons why this fitness plan will not work. Fitness walking keeps you fit in busy schedule.

Treat the excuses the same way you treat your kids when they start whining. Start working with fitness plan and think that you can do it anyway. What ever the excuses you gave, ignore them and start exercising.

Ignore the activities which are not useful for you and your health and follow the fitness plan which makes you healthy. As you ignore the activities which are not useful, you can get one or two hours free time. Decide whether you can exercise in that free time or to shift your exercise to other timings.

Based on the timings, you can shift the work which you are doing to the free time and you can exercise at the time which you had been working. Find out which time is better for you to exercise and move the things from that slot into free time slot.

You can select morning timings or evening timings to exercise in your fitness plan. But, you may be tired in the evening after coming from work. You may select morning hours for workout in your fitness plan. Pick the time that works for your body rhythm.

Choose a time slot and stick to that slot on a consistent basis in your fitness plan as it provides better health and fitness at the age of forty.