Fitness Over Forty!Exercise Workout With Minimum Risks To Make You Fit And Strong!

If you are starting the exercise workout, keep heart rate monitor to calculate if you are working hard enough.

You can buy the heart rate monitor which calculates your optimal beats per minute range.

Cardio exercise workout:

If you are sedentary, you have to take up one day for cardio exercise workout out of the three minimum days you will allot to exercise [Cardio exercise equipment].

You have to perform the activity that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat for twenty to thirty minutes.

You can walk around your yard or down your street or on a stationary bike. Pick two or three activities you can do regularly.exercise workout

If you are active, you can perform your cardio exercise workout three days out of six. Do it every alternate day. You can perform on a stair stepper machine as you can get an intense workout without pains in the joints and muscles. Stretching exercises are also helpful to relax your muscles.

If you are a member of gym, you can try other cardio exercise workouts. Your body adapts to exercise quickly and you can see the improvements very soon. You can also choose swimming as the exercise workout.

In general, if you start exercising regularly, you can see the improvements quickly. Access yourself after each workout how you feel and if you feel tired or fatigue, stop exercising. Do it slowly and add an extra minute to your exercise each week. Raise the intensity of workout gradually as small changes will produce big results.

Strength training exercise workout:

Strength training is important to lose weight and look young. You can have more muscles and the calories can be burnt even when you are sleeping. Beginners will perform strength training on one of three days. If you are active person, you can pick two days out of six days to work on strength training.

If you think of weights for strength training, they are not the only one to build lean muscle. There is no need of equipment to get strong and body weight exercises are effective no matter what shape you are in.

You can have a complete home gym if you buy a yoga mat, weight ball and a couple of resistance bands.

If you are sedentary, start slowly and do one set each for the first week or two before adding a second set. If you are active, start with two sets and add third after the second week.

Squats exercise workout:

Squats is an exercise workout which works on lower back, butt and hamstrings. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and pull your abdomen towards the spine. With straight spine, lower down as if you are going to sit on the chair but don’t rest on it. Lower up to the point you feel comfortable and hold for a count of 2.

Come back to the original position and keep the stomach tight. If you are a beginner, repeat the three times and if you are in advanced stage, repeat the exercise eight times. This is one set.

Push ups exercise workout:

Push ups works on chest, upper back, lats and stomach. If you are a beginner or if you have difficulty getting on the floor, stand one or two feet away from a wall. Put you hands on the wall and perform your push ups there.

If you are an intermediate exerciser, get down on the floor and do your push ups on hands and knees. If you are an advanced exerciser, do full push ups on your hands and toes.

For every one: Keep your stomach in tight and your back flat. Perform your push ups in front of a mirror if you are not sure you are doing it right. Lower down as far as you can comfortably. Push up until just before you lock your elbows. Don’t forget to breathe. Beginners repeat it one to three times and advanced repeat for three to ten times.

Curls (Biceps) exercise workout:

Use a resistance band or weights to perform bicep curls exercise workout. If you are using a resistance band, put the band under your foot and make sure the band is even on both sides. Stand up straight and pull your abdomen inside and curl the weight up as you count two. Extend back down as you count three.

If you are a beginner, perform five repetitions with light weight or easy resistance band. For advanced people, eight to ten repetitions with appropriate weight or resistance band is required.

Curls (triceps) exercise workout:

Use a resistance band or weights to perform tricep curls exercise workout. Bend your knees and lean forward with a flat back. Put your hands by your hips and elbows toward the ceiling.

Push your hands back toward the ceiling on a count of two. Come back to the starting position while counting to three. Beginners can perform five repetitions and advanced can perform eight to ten repetitions.

Bridge exercise workout:

Bridge works on stomach, butt, back and thighs. Lie down on the floor with bottoms of your feet on the ground and knees bent. Pull your abdomen into your spine and raise your hips off the floor. Arms should be flat on the floor. Hold the position for ten seconds and get back to the original position. Beginners repeat it for two times and advanced repeat it for four times.

If you are in the advanced stage, get into the bridge position and try to extend one leg. Hold for ten seconds. You can perform a regular bridge exercise workout by keeping a weight ball between your knees.

Quadruped exercise workout:

Get down on the floor onto your hands and knees. Pull your abdomen into your spine and keep your back flat. Squeeze your butt muscles. If you are a beginner, raise one hand as if you are pointing at something in front of you. Hold for a count of two and lower it. Do it for the other side.

If you are in intermediate or advanced stage, assume the same position and raise one arm and the opposite leg. Hold for a count of two.

Balance exercise workout:

In balance exercise workout, movement begins in your core. These muscles will respond quickly to a consistent workout. Beginners and advanced should do this exercise workout for a minimum of once a week.

Plank exercise workout:

Lie on your stomach and come up onto your elbows. Beginners will be on your elbows and knees. Keep your back flat and pull your abdomen in. get to the point where you can hold for 20 seconds. Concentrate on holding it as long as you can in the correct position. Advanced ones will be on elbows and toes. Hold for 20 seconds.

Exercise workout makes you fit and strong. If you want muscles, then eat a diet that leaves you glowing with health. By following these exercise workouts, you can be fit and strong at the age of forty.