Tips For Improved Home Workouts

Everyone knows that weight training allows you to increase lean muscle tissue. However, not many realize that lean muscles enables you to burn more calories when you are exercising and resting.

Muscles are continually active all the time and require continual oxygen, blood flow and nutrients to function.

If you want to improve your home workouts and learn to burn additional calories then you should consider the following tips.

  • Make sure you use exercises which train multiple body parts whether it be a small or large muscle group. Rather than having two exercise routines you can combine them for a more effective weight loss routine. For example, the lunge can be combined with bicep curls which allow you to burn more calories in a shorter period of time. When you perform the downward lunge motion add a bicep curl to train the biceps, quadriceps and gluteus all at once. You can also use the lunge to do cardio workout. This makes the lunge a dynamic exercise since you also need to focus on your posture, balance and coordination.
  • During your dumbbell exercises try using a fitness ball. Rather than simply sitting on a bench you can do them on a fitness ball. As a result the unstable ball requires you to use more core and leg muscles to maintain balance. Both dumbbells and fitness balls can be a cheap alternative to a gym membership and don’t require a lot of room in your home.
  • In order to increase fat loss and burn additional calories you should use high intensity interval training. Studies have recently proven that this interval training can help increase your metabolism after your workout is finished. As a result you will still be burning calories and fat long after you’ve finished exercising. You won’t get this benefit with low intensity training. High intensity interval training is still being closely researched and it will soon become the more popular exercise choice than aerobic exercise for losing fat. Soon we will hear more about this type of exercise and how it will help people to lose even more calories.

Fifteen Minutes or Fewer Workouts

  1. Use three to six exercises that specifically focus on the upper and lower body at the same time.
  2. Each exercise should include eight to fifteen reps with no rest. The more weight you use you should decrease your reps.
  3. After all the exercises are completed, you can rest for thirty to sixty seconds. At this time you’ve finished one set.
  4. Start the sequence again and do this until you finish three to five sets.

This is one type of high intensity training that is becoming increasingly popular and helping people to have success with fat loss that burns total calories.

Also try to become more creative. Consider the exercises you do right now and see if you can include them in multi-muscle exercises (compound exercises). This allows you to have a fast at home workout that includes new exercise routines to help you get started exercising again. Remember you can have success.

It is important that you remember to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program to make sure it is okay for your health.